Loving Every Minute

Cause you make me feel so alive. 

I'm sure you are familiar with the song (Empire of the Sun's Alive) and probably it gives you a last song syndrome. Currently the song repeatedly plays on my head cause it gives that good feel vibe and tells a lot of my feelings toward my husband. This song specifically tell everything about our Boracay trip -- fun, easy and light. Even if we traveled with my in-laws, it was still fun cause I get to bond with my husband's family (which is now my family too). 
Top: Betty || Skirt: Betty (both from SM GTW)
Sandals: Random || Shades and Hat: From Boracay

If you noticed that I have been repeating my outfits, it is because I still haven'd had the time to shop and update my wardrobe. Hopefully you liked how I mix and match my old outfits. Of course, nothing beats the cute pieces from SM GTW cause they are so perfect for sunny trips like this!

By the way I hope you could drop by Mckinley Hill tomorrow for the Food Meets Fashion Bazaar! :D

See you there!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


ging valdez said…
so sexy pa rin!
Kenny said…
love the top! Reminds me of one of LV's past collection and you're so sexy!
Rhea Bue said…
ikaw na ang sexy bride!!!!! Love the look here babe! we have the same skirt <3
Franc Ramon said…
You look blooming after getting married. Happiness is very visible.
Kc said…
Love this look,lookin fab and fashionable in this swimwear outfit. <3
I'd love to stay connected. Following you now, follow back? :)

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Nicol Wong said…
love the whole outfit. that definitely shouts holiday

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