Safe and Sound


Blazer: SM GTW (Redhead) || Top: Freeway
Skirt: Cinta Manila || Bag: Lacoste

Aside from the fact that I'm still on LSS on the song Safe and Sound, I decided to make it my title for 2 more reasons. First is a no brainer -- black is my safe color. Well if you are stubborn to think about what to wear, just put on any black outfit, contrast it with another color (the Gold tote bag for me) and make sure to have a bold lip color. I was actually wearing slippers, if you've noticed! Reason number 2 is, healthwise I am safe and sound. The past couple of weeks I've been down with the flu and been in check-ups. Fortunately my condition is better now and I am so excited to be back in blogging and share you guys more exciting (and personal) news. For now, let me go back to flooding you with numerous OOTDs and would happy to know your feedbacks!

Gotta go now guys.

Much Love, 
The Bargain Doll

Photos by
Kevin Divinagracia


Frances said…
Black and white colors are definitely a no-brainer combo.
You look smokin' hot here. What's your bold lip color by the way dear? :)
-xoxo, FRANCES

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Sarah Thompson said…
The latest bag here.!
Definitely looooooooove your blazer! :)
Kc said…
Love this look. And that blazer is so fab :)

Kisses ♥
Patricia Tan said…
Black and white looks great as always! I love the blazer! Of course It's from SM GTW! Haha I agree about wearing black if you have nothing in mind except I don't paint my lips :D
Your outfit is super chic! Ni di ko nga namalayan na you were wearing flat sandals if you didn't mention! Haha! Anyway, black is my safe color too. Easy to pair with other pieces, and nakakapayat pa for me. Pandaya when I pig out! Haha! Anyway, love the blazer you paired with your black dress. Di ko aakalaing galing sa SM Dept. Store! And I love your gold Lacoste bag too! <3
Rhea Bue said…
Ang blooming mo everrrr!!! :) At ikaw na ang sobrang sipag na sm gtw partner ko! <3
RebelSweetHrt said…
Uuuy we have the same bag, haha! Nice! :)

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