Soak Up The Sun

Denim Vest: SM GTW (True Love)
Bikini: Boracay (Random) | Skirt: Pretty Munchkin
Sandals: Random | Sunnies: Rayban

Its been weeks since I got married and came back from Boracay but I still have tons of photos and stories to share. Currently I am not feeling well as I'm advised by the doctor to take tons of rest. So I will not make this really long as I still need to go back to bed and go back to sleep (like what I've been doing for many days now). Anyways my post is so summery despite the start of the cold weather recently. Oh, have I told you that Boracay was partly affected of Yolanda? There were no electricity in the island during our stay and luckily the hotels are powered with generators. Unfortunately they shut off the generators from 1-5pm so tourists don't have any choice but to enjoy the island on that time.

Update soon loves!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Patricia Tan said…
Yay! First of all congrats Rov! I saw some photos from your wedding and your wedding looks so beautiful as well as you! ♥ Gawa na ng baby!! Haha :D
Christine Liwag said…
I love the bikini on you!!! :*
Kc said…
Love your skirt so much :)

Kisses ♥
Rhea Bue said…
so sexyyy baaabe!! love this! ikaw na ang forever sexy! :D

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