Finally! An outfit post after almost a week of hiatus. I have been down with the flu the past week and was advised to take ample amount of bed rest. But things are looking much better now so I supposed I'd be able to update you guys more often! Anyways I just came home from my check up today and since I've been stuck in bed for many days, I decided to dress up but maintain comfort. I still was not able to shop for new clothes yet so here I am, recycling my beautiful SM GTW pieces. The reason why I opt for getting statement pieces (such as tops with studs, loud colors or gold details) is they give any look an instant style even without putting up accessories. Lately I feel really stubborn in putting on accessories and high heeled shoes so I just let my clothes speak for themselves. 

Also, I love the shades I'm wearing! It is the Shamwel model from Sprinto! I so love their sunnies (esp this wooden model!) I would also tell you guys more about it soon!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Marie ♡ said…
LOL! I'm sorry Ate but I thought the first photo shows baby bump na! :) hehehehe.

Nevertheless, you are gorgeous as always! ^_^
ava te-zabat said…
Super cool top and sunnies!:) welcome back with the OTD posts!:D
Rhea Bue said…
ang ganda mo babe!! inggit ako sayo kase you can carry a pants well.. saakin di bagay kase pandak ako :))

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