Red Stripes


Top: Cotton On || Skirt: Pink Fashion
Watch: Ice Watch

Now that you all know that I'm already 3 months pregnant, I'm sure you won't be surprised that this blog would transfrom to a mommy fashion / parenting blog. So I'm starting this by proudly showing you how I dress up my 12 week old bump. I was really surprised how my bump would actually look bigger in the afternoon (and in the evening) than in the morning. That's probably because I eat like a monster throughout the day and my tummy gets so big. Anyway, I love wearing skater skirts lately cause it somehow conceals my bump and still keeps me in style. I opt for simpler styles now cause my husband appreciates it more when I look plain yet stylish.

What's your idea?

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


Kc said…
Great casual look. Love your shoes babe :)

Kisses ♥
Patricia Tan said…
Pretty! Wear ka dress lagi para mas comfortable si baby lagi. Pag skirts kasi possible ipit sa tummy. I like the shoes! ♥
Kenny said…
as usual you look chic! I really like the whole outfit. Look super comfy.
Franc Ramon said…
You're still looking great Rovie despite the bump and have a safe pregnancy.
Jasmine Gagarin said…
omg im in love with your shoes! :) hope i can get one too
Maya said…
Such a cute look! Love the color combo, classic but always works :)
Rochkirstin Santos said…
The baby bump is hardly noticeable at this point. It's great that you feel and dress pretty while pregnant. :)
Janine Daquio said…
Yeah. wearing skater skirt makes you look you are not pregnant. :)
Rhea Bue said…
So pretty babe! medyo hindi halatta baby bump mo dito <3 :)
andrew baler said…
nice stripes top!! good fro summer too!!
Ken Ragpala said…
Nice outfit. And you made it work with your beauty and elegance.
Alca Mahameru said…
waow do you know, this is excellent. very ideal. apreciate it :)
Raluca Alina Vintilescu said…
love the shoes and you are so cute! <3
Nicol Wong said…
awww the bump is cute! is it weird saying that? haha you look good in stripes!
omg! its been a long time since i visited your blog babe!! you are such a gorgeous preggy! love the flats and cute top too!
~x0 ~

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