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Dress w/ Belt: SM GTW || Shoes:

So when I wore this dress last Sunday when Paolo and I went to church, Paolo was like: "I like how you are beginning to dress more maturely now. More like a mom." I laughed so hard cause I was like"Love, this dress is from SM Girls Teens wear and I'm supposed to look younger!" Probably because my hair was in a bun during that time (I took it off for the OOTD purposed) and I was moving really slow that Paolo was getting the "mommy vibes." Or most probably, he is much more excited than I am for in 6 months, we're going to be parents!!

Anyways, I love the fact that despite my age and my "status," I can still wear clothes from the teens section and look my age (or even younger). For those who did not know, I'm currently 26 (just the perfect age to get married and conceive) but I love how my positive aura and youthful fashion make me look way younger.

I apologize for always having my OOTD shots sitting down, its my way of hiding my 11 week old baby bump!

Hope you liked this post. Good night guys!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


venussmileygal said…
I like the dress on you! Probably because of the feather prints on the dress that brings a mature look on it. :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
I can't see the baby bump! Hehe. I dressed maturely (looked matronly? hahaha!) din when I was pregnant. All women do, I guess? :)
Rhea Bue said…
super ganda babe!! I love this loook! woot wooot! <3 buti ka pa tuloy tuloy ootd mo with sm gtw :) di ko pa nakukuha yung akin :))
michymichymoo said…
I wanna see the bump!!! :)

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