Boracay 2014 Photodiary


Before I flood you guys with Valentines Day related posts, let me finish my boracay post by sharing with you a photodiary from our trip. I know it should've come first before posting all the ootds but I had a hard time sorting out photos. Anyways, its not my first time being in Boracay but it was my first time to be in Boracay and have some alone time with my husband. I usually go there with friends, with family and for work. It was also the first time we went to Boracay where we did not do anything -- we just lounge around, sleep, eat and enjoy the scenery. Because I'm pregnant we didn't do any water sports, cause when Paolo and I were there last November with our family, we did all sorts of water activities -- island hopping, parasailing, jetski, etc, and little did we know that I was already pregnant at that time! (That's why I know that the baby is meant for us, I did all those crazy stuff but still he/she is inside me and very much healthy!) So we were now careful this time, and decided to just spend quality time with each other cause we still did not have our official honeymoon (we were supposed to go to the US this year but a better blessing came first so we're postponing the plans for the meantime.

Wow, I just had a long write up there! Anyways, wishing you all guys to have a wonderful Valentines Day celebration! I'm so excited for ours cause this will be our first Valentines celebration as a married couple! 

Enjoy the day of hearts folks!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Patricia Tan said…
Good thing for you. I really want to visit Boracay soon. Can you suggest how much do I need to save up for that trip? I'll be going to have a job soon sana makaipon for Boracay. Yay! :)
Camille Aguila said…
Beautiful Photos!!! I love Boracay too. The sand, the beach, the sunset. Everything is superb!
helloviellobits said…
love the 7th photo!

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