Boracay Sunset


Floral Crown: Il Fiore || Top: Random
Skirt: Cinta Manila

After 6 long days of being in Boracay (50% of it was spent working, listening to our company's business directives), I'm finally back to blogging (and of course reality). I have so many photos and stories to share but I decided to share first these set of beautiful photos Paolo took last Thursday while we're watching the Boracay sunset.

I have been to Boracay many times but its only now that I realized the beauty of its sunset. Probably I was busy doing lots of water activities back then that I don't get to appreciate its beauty. Now that I am not allowed to do anything strenuous, I was able to lounge around the shore and appreciate Boracay's beauty. I'm also glad that Paolo followed to Boracay, because I was able to spend more quality time with him in the island we both love.

I am really amazed on how Paolo managed to take magnificent photos using my D5000's kit lens. I must say that from all the OOTD photos he took, this is my favorite. I love how he was able to make me look so fresh and charming while I'm wearing ZERO make-up to even hide my pimples. 

I hope you like this post. I missed all of you guys!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


michymichymoo said…
You look pretty! Pregnancy suits you. :)
Patricia Tan said…
Pretty and kinis! Girl na yan! Haha :D I like the head dress, the top and skirt combo colors! <3
Kai Seashell said…
Boracay is <3. You're so pretty even without make up on! Cheers to beaches even if it means working on the side :p
Jacky Moraleda said…
Onga noh never ko pa din talaga tinitigan ang sunset sa Bora! Haha! Kaloka ang gandang buntis naman nito :)) Miss you! <3
em said…
Very pretty :)
Nice floral crown too..
Franc Ramon said…
You look like a goddess of the sea here and it's nice that you still have your OOTDs even now that you are pregnant. Miss reading your posts.
Rochkirstin Santos said…
The photos look vivid. I love your colorful flowery head gear. I just wonder where you would put it once you decide to go in the waters. Is it safe to leave it on the sands?
RebelSweetHrt said…
Ikaw na ang sexy at super blooming na buntis! :)
RalucaLC said…
I know your blog for quite a while and let me tell you that always you surprise me with gorgeous photos and outfits and with your natural attitude.
Apple Alagon said…
You look beautifully sunkissed :) Love the flower crown too. Makes you look like a sea goddess :)
Rhea Bue said…
So pretty babe! I love it!!! Thank you for wearing Il Fiore <3 :) Super natural beauty toohh.. I can see your freckles!! :)
Jam Daquio said…
Yeah.. I also like these blog post and the photos. i-DP na yaaaaan. :)
super cute...i love the roses on your head, LOL...
venussmileygal said…
The last 3 photos I super love! Marriage looks good on you Rovie! :)
Mom-Friday said…
I love your first photo... so natural and alluring, with the glow of Boracay's sunset!

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