Beauty Review: Human Nature Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette

It's been nearly a couple of months since I've been on bedrest, thus the inactivity here on my blog. I don't have much to post here on my blog since I don't go out and dress up so I decided to just share some beauty reviews in exchange. 

Anyway, ever since I got pregnant, I've been very picky when it comes to cosmetics to use in my face and body. I wanted to use something that has no harmful chemicals that may affect the growth of my baby, hence my discovery of different products that are safe for pregnant women. From various beauty blogs, I've learned the 2 pregnant friendly brands that are accessible and affordable, they are Human Nature and The Body Shop. 

However, I found that I already made a number of product swatches months ago when I purchased some of Human Nature products. I never had the chance to post this review because of what happened to me, but its better late than never! 

I've learned about Human Nature while browsing for safe cosmetics for pregnant women. Learning that all of their products contain 100% natural ingredients, I became very interested. I purchased a number of products, from makeup, to hair and body products. However, let me start my review with their lip product, the Mineral ColorCreme Lip Palette (in Luxe Luster).

I purchased this product out of practicality. Since I wanted to have a number of lip color shades without sacrificing my budget, I opted for the palette so I could immediately try on 3 colors. It has 3 shades, the Pink Smoothie, Lucky in Love and Coral Charm. Here's how the three shades looked like in photos:
Pink Smoothie
This color is perfect for that sweet look! I love wearing this when I want to have the no-make up make up look at work.
Lucky in Love
Since its near the red shade, I used to wear this at night or whenever I wanted to look more appealing and attractive.
Coral Crush
This is probably my most favorite shade among the three! I wear it all the time cause its almost on the pinkish nude side that I could pair up with heavy eye make-up.

Imagine getting all these beautiful lip shades without actually harming your body? If there's one thing I love about Human Nature products (aside from its cute packaging), is that they have no harmful chemicals that are guaranteed safe for your body. However there are some "cons" that I have to mention:

* Since the product contains natural ingredients, its takes a number of application before you actually get the color you want
* The shade doesn't last long, re-application must done often
* you might want to buy another lip brush, cause some of the bristles fall off (look closely on my lips at Lucky in Love)

Yet I'd still give it a 4/5 rating because of the fact that it has natural ingredients (and cruelty-free) and its affordability! (Bought it at P295 only).

I hope you liked my review! Its been a while since I've written something here :)

Gotta go now!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Pau-pau Alagao said…
Lovely shades! :) Thanks for this nice review Miss Rovie. :)
em said…
love the last shade :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
Love that coral shade on you! I'm planning to buy a full-sized lippie of that shade next time I visit HHN. :)
Jenny1015 said…
The colors looks really nice. I might just want to try them. Thanks for sharing this!
Mitch Carvalho said…
Coral Crush ang bet ko of all!

Preggy ka na pala, I miss reading your posts. I can already imagine kapag girl ang baby mo, mas kikay pa sayo hihi!

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