Fit to Work

Dress: From Mary Jane Fitzimmons || Neckace: Anagon
Shoes: Scarlet || Bag: Lacoste

Lately, I use my blog to write about my thoughts than talking about what I wear. Take this entry for instance, where I'd like to pour my sentiments as I'll be back to work on Monday, after two months of bedrest. Well, before I share to you my feelings, I'm sure you've seen this dress on my previous blog post (see previous post here) and I'm so glad that it still fits me despite my tremendous weight gain. 

Anyways, I'm a little excited and nervous for Monday since I'm going back to work already. Well, the OB cleared me fit to work on May 5 but since I've been very lonely here at home and I'm feeling much healthier now, I decided to go back to work a week early. I'm a little anxious cause my OB noted that my placenta is still relatively low, even though it got higher compared to my full previa a couple of months back. Some of my friends advise me to rest for the whole duration of my pregnancy because of my previa, but I feel the need to get myself back to normal. I'm also worried cause I work in the salesforce, which entails a lot of driving, walking and standing yet I promise to take my work very lightly. 

I can't wait to stand to my toes again, work and be with my friends! I'm sure a little exercise will do a little good for the baby. Also, I'm looking forward to dressing up -- maternity style! 

I hope you guys are liking my entry as well as my big bump! Have a nice weekend guys!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


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