27 weeks

Dress: Creme dela Femme || Shoes: Collective.com
Bag: Lacoste

Today marks my 27th week of pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited! As pregnancy articles say, this starts my third trimester which means, my baby is almost ready to come out to the world. Currently, I am amazed with his strong and sometimes painful kicks. The little things my baby does inside my belly are enough to make me very happy.

Anyway, this outfit shot was taken a couple of weeks ago and the photo does not give justice to how my belly currently looks like. Paolo took this photo when we went to a friend's house for a bonding. When we learned that I was already fit to work, Paolo and I started roaming around so I wouldn't have a hard time when I go back to work. Currently, Paolo and I go to work together (I drop him off to Makati, then I go straight to my area at Pasay or Paranaque) to lessen my driving. Even though its tiring, I'm really glad that I am back to work, able to see my friends again and feel so normal at the same time. I know that a happy disposition is healthy for expectant mothers too!

That's all for today folks, hope you like my post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta and David Pineda


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