Comfort First

People who read my blog may probably get tired of my usual pregnancy thoughts and stories. Well, I will never get tired of talking about it cause its actually the best thing that has ever happened to me -- next to my engagement and wedding of course!
For those who don't know, my husband and I consider this pregnancy a miracle. Last September 2010, I had a myomectomy and uteroplasty which made us doubt if I'll have a chance of conceiving in time. Fortunately, after three years of patiently waiting and proving our love in front of the God, we were blessed with a child. You can attribute my endless excitement with that miracle -- that every kick and every pain I feel is a reminder of the best wedding gift Paolo and I received
Anyways, now that I'm almost 7 months pregnant, I can feel the weight on my belly already. My 2 months bedrest (plus relentess eating) made my belly grow so big that it is relatively bigger compared to other first time moms. I'm also having a hard time looking for clothes that will make me feel comfortably fashionable hence my inclination to wearing dresses. As much as I want to dress up and remain in style while pregnant, I just can't cause of the distress and discomfort I feel especially with this weather. So this is probably the most fashionable I get in terms of dressing up.
Dress: Random / Tiangge || Shoes: Parisian
Bag: Lacoste

Hope you liked my outfit and my post! Looking forward to update you more often!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by Paolo Peralta


ShawnDWalker said…
such a beautiful lady!

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