Wooden Eyewear: Sprinto
Dress and Sandals: Tiangge

Finally! I'm back after almost a week of inactivity! Well, I really cant find time to update my blog as I am always dead tired from work and end up sleeping the moment I got home. Speaking of working, I probably got tired from too much working that my contractions were again triggered.. If you remember a couple of months ago, I was confined at The Medical City due to premature contractions. Sadly, I experienced the same feeling at my 30th week. According to my OB, it was due to stress and strenuous physical activity. Currently, I am advised to be on bed rest (again) for a week.

This pregnancy has been challenging for me. Well, I cannot compare myself to other pregnant women, as I have a history of myomectomy and uteroplasty that makes my pregnancy very sensitive. Also, you might observe that I have gained tremendous amount of weight and my tummy is relatively big for 7 months. Because I got really big, stretchmarks are starting to appear on my tummy. I have been religiously putting on shea butter creams and not scratching my tummy but still, stretchmarks appeared. I feel a little depressed but I'm sure the moment I see my baby come out of my womb, everything will be worth it.

By the way, Paolo took this photo last Sunday, when my family went to 8 Waves Resort to celebrate my Tatay Reme's birthday.

Hope you liked my post! Til next update!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Rhea Bue said…
OMG babeee... feel ko lapit na talaga lumabas si babyyy.. woot woot!! :) ang ganda mo forevs!! love the dress on you <3 :)
MsEarth Rullan said…
you are such a pretty preggy. I am sorry you have a difficult pregnancy but soon the baby will be out! :) the dress looks great on you btw!
DearKaaat . said…
You're one of the most fashionable pregnant women out there :)
RebelSweetHrt said…
Hi Rovie! Have you tried Human Nature's Sunflower Oil? They're great for stretch marks! :)
michymichymoo said…
Still praying for your safe pregnancy. Don't worry about the marks, pwede naman i-laser after. ;)
Jenny1015 said…
Pretty preggy! I think that the time when a woman is at her prettiest is when she is carrying her child in her womb. Praying for your very safe delivery.

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