Get that Perfect First Impression with Maybelline!

As a woman who is always out in a field and trying to make a sale, first impression matters. Since my job is into sales, I need to look pleasant and appealing to my target customers. 
Imagine if I look like this? Do you think someone would like to buy from a lady who looks tired, stressed and haggard?Of course not! Good thing there is a makeup product that could change people's first impression in you in just seconds!

So from looking haggard, tired (and very pregnant) I looked like this in an instant:

In just an instant I looked younger and fresh after applying Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick! In seconds, my look transformed without applying a lot of products in my face. A lot of people have been commenting that I look glowing and blooming lately despite the fact that I'm nearing my due and carrying a boy inside me.

Because I love its effect on my face, let me share with you my thoughts on the product.
Whenever people see this BB Stick, they all say "Is that a concealer?" most of them won't believe everytime I tell them its actually a BB (cream) transformed in a stick. It is light and easy to carry and even easier to apply. Just draw on your face and voila! You get instantly smooth, fair and even shine free skin.

(Yes I do my make-up inside my car, while going to work)

Texture and Coverage
I used to be a big fan of BB creams until I got tired of always getting oily face hours after application. I also tend to look paper white or grayish in photos hence my preference to pressed powders or liquid foundation. However, this Clear Smooth BB Stick changed my apprehensions on BB creams. Aside from the fact that it is easy to apply, it is also very light to the skin. It is very very easy to apply and it doesn't leave that "oily" feel to the skin. Since I have a VERY OILY skin, I love the fact that after 8 hours, my T-zone is still shine-free. It has a medium coverage that is perfect for work and has SPF 21 that's beneficial for someone who is always exposed to the sun.

On top of all, it is very affordable!

I probably spent another 5-10 minutes completing my work look by doing my brows, putting on blush on and adding a light lip color. Note: I did not put concealer cause the stick was enough to hide my unwanted marks. It definitely made my skin looked flawless without the use of concealers or primers.

So for those of you who want to make that perfect first impression last, try Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick. It will definitely transform your haggard moments to gorgeous days. Instead of people shying away from you, this product would definitely make heads turn and be impressed on how polished, confident or even sexy you look! Just how it transformed me from looking like a tired pregnant lady to a charming, hardworking and confident working mom!

Hope you liked my post!

For more information on this product (and other Maybelline products), you can visit their facebook page:
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Ging Libres Valdez said…
Hi Ms. Rovie I'm using this whenever I go out malling and do some errands.It works wonder on my face . I so loved this BB stick compare to Maybelline's BB cream Clear Smooth 8 in 1 BB cream. Been using it for 6 months already. Its very easy to apply , I kinda messed with liquid foundations.
Janine Daquio said…
BB cream is really helpful for us girls.. It looks me flawless every time I wear BB.
Jacque said…
will try this soon! btw, what is your lipstick and blush? hehehe.

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