My Mommy Make-Up List

I have been meaning to share with you the beauty products that I use for the longest time but I never had the chance to write about it until now. Thank heavens its the a holiday today and I was able to squeeze in writing a post in between my rests. I don't find much time to post stuff on my blog cause I'm always tired from work and I usually spend my free time sleeping in and resting. I never thought that pregnancy can really consume a number of your energy. As they say, nakakatamad kumilos on your third trimester.

Anyways, going back to the topic, I have been very picky with the products that I use to my face (and body) since I got pregnant. I made sure that the beauty products I use are (1) made of natural ingredients and (2) recommended fr pregnant women. Hence, the preference of Human Nature and The Body Shop products to my face.

Disclaimer: I took this photos when I was still 4 months pregnant. What is super overdue?

Currently, I am using The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation and Human Nature Pressed Powder for my face; The Body Shop Blush, Kohl Eye Pencil for my brows and Liquid eyeliner. I would like to give you my take on each of the products and how great they are given that the products are made up of all natural ingredients.

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation
Two words: Love it! This foundation has light to medium coverage and its consistency makes it easy to apply. However, since its a liqud foundation and I have an oily skin, I tend to oil in the middle of the day, hence the use of pressed or loose powder to control the oiliness. It also has the make-up smell that stings (or maybe I'm just too pregnant). Nevertheless, I still love it and shall continue to use it.

The Body Shop lipstick in Colour Crush
Its red and its deadly. I learned to appreciate TBS' lip products for they are one of the few lipsticks that doesn't give me chapped lips after a few hours. It gives enough moisture on my lips and I can confidently wear it without applying lip balm first. It makes my lips look soft and healthy. The downside though its not long wearing and it tends to smudge after eating.

The Body Shop All-in-one Cheek color in Guava
Like any other cheek colors, this one is perfect for work. The shade gives that sweet, natural look and it is pigmented. I love this product too.

The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner in black and Eyebrow Kohl Pencil in Brown
Okay. So I love the Kohl pencil cause I can use it as an eyeliner on no-make-up-make-up look days and as a brow pencil. It is easy to smudge around the brow area and it gives me that Cara D look! As for the liquid eyeliner, I noticed that I need to put a number of application before achieving the winged eyeliner look. I've tried better liquid liners though.

The Body Shop Concealer
Notice the thing in the middle? It has vitamin E to moisturize the under eye and lighten the dark circles. Yes, t does moisturize my eyebags area but the coverage is just light to medium. Some people comment that I stilll look haggard even if I've applied the concealer already

Human Nature Perfect Coverage Foundation (not in picture)
It's my everyday foundation! Aside from the fact that it is really affordable, it also has medium to heavy coverage that perfectly conceals my uwanted face marks! It also has no harmful chemicals making it safe for the pregnant ladies.

That's it! Hope you liked my mini-makeup review! Hopefully I was also able to inform other pregnant ladies what products are safe to use. Remember, you could always look pretty even if you're preggy!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


RebelSweetHrt said…
Love that shade of red on you, Rovie! Ang ganda! :)
Rhea Bue said…
so pretty baabee <3 nice makeup list! I know I'll be needing these items one day too ;)

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