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I know I haven't been posting things here on my blog primarily because I spend a lot of time resting as I await for the arrival of my baby boy. Finally the time has come! I'm actually writing this blog entry while I'm admitted here at The Medical City as I prepare for my schedules C-section tomorrow. I cannot fathom my emotions cause feel excited and anxious at the same time. Excited, cause finally after 9 months of pregnancy, I'll finally be able to see, touch, hug and kiss my little angel. You also know the struggles I faced just to carry this little baby inside me -- I was asked to rest for a month when I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant; confined because of premature contractions on my 4th month and again was asked to rest again for more than 2 months. When I went back to work on my 6th month, I was in and out of the ER because of premature labor (as always). Finally, after all these hardships has finally come to an end and in a day, I'll be able to see the fruit of my labor, our little miracle.

Anyways, Paolo took these photos last night after my last prenatal check-up. I was initially hesitant to have my photos taken cause I feel and look so big already but, heck its my last preggy OOTD so better show it off. I really got so big in my last trimester of pregnancy (I gained a total of 50lbs in my pregnancy), causing me to get some unwanted stretchmarks on my belly. My thighs, hips and legs (even nose) got bigger and I'm starting to feel a little depressed with my appearance. Hopefully after my C-section I'll be able to lose weight and go back to working out when I'm fully healed.

Top: Mothercare | Leggings: SM GTW | Sandals: Random

Funny how everytime I feel down with my appearance, Paolo always reassures me that I am the most beautiful woman in his eyes. He always tells me that "nothing is sexier than to see a woman carrying my own child." He also tells me "anong gusto mo, looking sexy and flawless o no baby?" I feel so lucky that I have a supportive husband who's always there with me throughout my pregnancy. 

Anyways, gotta go to rest now! I hope you guys liked my post. Hopefully I could blog soon and show you guys how my little angel will look like.
Much Love, TBD


Helen Blas said…
I'm so excited for you! <3 Rest well para bukas may energy. Happy birthday din pala kay baby! :D
Deann said…
Yay! I always read your post when you update about your pregnancy, I was like you too. But my college friends tells me that, I look so pretty even I'm pregnant. Though I wouldn't believe that haha! Make sure lang to apply some ointments agad sa stretchmarks (I think that's Burtstbees I forgot lang), ako kasi napabayaan ko and here nangitim na sila.. Excited for you! Goodluck! :)
nicole Paler said…
I hope that you get enough rest, and don't worry too much if your milk does not produce much at first kasi as time comes dadami at dadami rin yung gatas mo ate rovie.. and I hope that you don't get post partum deppression... always think of happy thougts and happy birthday to the dear baby boy you have there! :)
Mitch Leus said…
You are one glowing mother! Glad i stumbled on your blog, congratulations again!


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