No Time is The Best Time

I know you haven't heard from me the past months so let me kick off my blogpost with the reason why I was on hiatus. You guys might find this extra long post a little different from my usual funny self but probably maturity kicks in and I feel like being emotional for the changes that happened to me the past year. So why the inactivity? I never thought I'd use the statement "I don't have time;" yet I did.

And here's why.

I thought I mastered the art of time management, until I became a mom. Prior to my marriage, pregnancy and delivery, I did all the things I loved and wanted to do. I was working, I was blogging, I was having a great social life, I was killing myself at the gym, I was providing for my family, and I was being the best girlfriend to my then boyfriend, Paolo. I was doing all the things I love all at the same time -- then my life has changed.

When my little angel Leon Paolo came to my life 5 months ago, my concept of time management was changed. All of a sudden, I felt like I don't have time anymore. Time to blog, time to workout, time to socialize, time to go out on a date with my husband -- they all became a struggle. Now, I'm down to managing my time to two things -- my work and my family.

I never thought I'll come down to the point where I could no longer do the other things that I love because of my busyness. But here I am now, struggling to find time. Time to watch a movie, time to have my hair done, time to shop, time to squeeze in a workout, time to blog... and so on.

But, is having no time worth it?


Since I became a mom, I want nothing but to spend all my time and energy in taking care of my little Leon. Conceiving him was a miracle, keeping him inside me was a challenge, delivering him was a sacrifice. Hence my instant affection to him. Motherhood overwhelmed me with a different kind of emotion that can only be tamed by being beside my little one. It's a kind of love that is tiring, consuming but fulfilling. It's a love that is unconditional.

momandleon3 Hence my decision to spend each and every free hour with my Leon. If not at work, I spend my time with Leon, nursing him, taking care of him or even resting with him. My YOLO was now shifted from partying and working out to rocking him to sleep, nursing him to nourish. It is a different kind of activity that may sound boring to some, but is tremendously fun for moms like me.

Probably as my little angel grows older, I can again find time to do the things I set aside. For now, I'm content with nappy changes, bathing sessions, nursing nights and singing lullabies. Leon would need me only for a short period and I'd like to enjoy it. While Leon gives me the feeling of being loved, wanted and needed, I'd cherish it.   

Until my next post!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll (mom)


Cherry said…
Ang ganda naman ng content ng blog mo Ms. Bargain Doll. Nakaka-touch. Relate much ako dito.😊
Namis ko magbasa sa page mo. 😄
Nicole said…
That is so true. Moms rarely have time for themselves anymore, but we do love every minute spent with our babies! You have a cute son, btw. So adorable!
aaw thanks :) nainspire ako magblog uli :) thanks!!!
thanks so much :)
nicole Paler said…
It's true.. you have to wait it out a bit but once your lil angel gets a bit older, say 2-3 years old you can manage your time better. for now just enjoy the perks of being a mom and welcome to the mommy world! :D

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