Accepting Changes

Finally, an outfit post since I gave birth! It's been a challenge for me to actually find time to blog and when I do, I try to write as much as I can. One of the reasons why I was shying away from fashion posts is because I'm ashamed to show how much my body has changed post partum. From toned and slender, my body has transformed into chubby and saggy. I was on bed rest during my whole pregnancy (where I did nothing but eat and sleep), that contributed to my huge weight gain (hello plus 50lbs). Since finding free time to do other things from work and parenting is a struggle, working out is still a dream.

However, I've realized that I cannot dwell on my "weight issues" forever, It's probably time for me to accept my body and slowly gain the confidence to dress up again. It's about time to move on from my insecurity and start finding ways to dress up while hiding my flaws. Slowly but surely, I know I can sort things out and finally find time to take care of myself and do the things that I loved doing.

So I'm restarting things again with this post. Since Paolo (the husband) and I have no help during the weekends, we always bring Leon (the baby) with us everywhere we go. Last Saturday was the chance that I was able to ask Paolo for an appropriate OOTD photo for we were able to put our sleeping Leon in the stroller! Leon prefers to be carried or worn all the time so this was actually one of the few times I was able to ask Paolo for a photo. Having Leon around also requires me to dress up comfortably to make carrying and nursing easier.

Top: Thrifted || Skirt: Pink Boudoir
Shoes: Ohrelle || Bag: Coach

Just sharing with you my adorable Leon before he fell asleep :)

Anyways, I know the photos I shared are far from what I used to post but I hope in time, I can get everything back on track. I just probably need more time to sort things out and finally do again the things that I love to do. 

Hope you guys liked my post. Got to go now!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


michymichymoo said…
Glad to see an outfit post again. Super cute ni Leon grabe! :)
I think you look just fine, Rovie! I understand how a lot of changes have indeed come into your life and going back to ootds will be quite a struggle, nevertheless, I think you'll pull through! You're still rocking it! :)
your still as pretty as you are and looking great. remember that being a mom is one of our fulfillment as a woman.
Rhea Bue said…
awww.. it's really great to have you back. and ano baaaa.. di ka naman talaga nag gain weight ah.. sexy mo pa rin babe.. promiiiseee <3 :)
Lovelee said…
You still look great! Be proud of your body because it produced your so adorable Leon. And besides, you will shed it off eventually. Go go! =)
krisna velasco said…
cute baby! i really feel you! my baby boy is now 5 years old, i used to be really slim, but now i am really finding a hard time maintaining my weight..

time will come.. you will lose weight eventually! i promise.

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