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As a mom, one of the exciting milestone of your baby is the age where they could start eating solids. I couldn't explain the excitement that I felt when Leon turned 6 months and his pedia gave the go signal to finally give him solids. In our case, we patiently waited 6 months before introducing him food, as per WHO guidelines and pedia's advise. However, some parents start as early as 4 months, as long as the baby can support himself and already shows readiness for food. Well, in our case, we waited until we're sure that his intestines are matured enough to digest food.

So how do I introduced solids to Leon? What food maker am I using? What are the food that I am giving to him?

I'm no expert in baby feeding, but I wanted to share with you my personal preferences when it comes to introducing solids for Leon. As I've said earlier, I waited until Leon is 6 months old when I started giving him food (he just turned 7 months, btw) and I started with the basics -- apples, banana, sweet potato, squash, potato, papaya and avocado. Along with my husband, Paolo we decided to shy away from giving Leon anything artificial (cerelac, gerber and the like), as we intend to give Leon natural and organic food as much as possible. We believe that Leon has his whole lifetime to enjoy good, delicious (and even sinful) food, so we would give him natural and nutritious ones while we can still influence the food he takes in.

So currently, I am using this Pigeon Home Baby Food Maker that I super love! It was a gift from the (super food OC) mother in law that makes mashing, grating, juicing and pureeing and easy task. I manually puree Leon's food, after boiling for a few minutes. Boiling is necessary for potatoes, squash, apples and sweet potatoes but for bananas, papaya and avocadoes I can mash them straight. However, for potatoes and squash, I usually mix them with breastmilk / formula for taste and smooth consistency. Leon hasn't cut his tooth yet so we make sure that all his food are completely mashed and prepared in a consistency that he could easily swallow.

Giving your baby solids is an exciting feeling so I love the fact that through my flexible work schedule, I can personally mash and feed Leon with his first food. Eventhough his pedia advised that we could give Leon a variety of food per day, we followed the 3-5 day rule. We fed Leon the same food for the next 3-5 days to see if Leon might be allergic to certain food. We also do this so Leon would be used (the not so sweet) taste of food, hence the discipline of patiently introducing food one day at a time.

It;s been a month since we've introduced solids to Leon, and looks like our little baby has been enjoying his feeding sessions with mommy. We started with giving him food twice a day and currently we are transitioning to feeding him three times a day. Since we have introduces the first baby food to Leon already, we are now slowly giving Leon a different kind of fruit / veggie per meal.

Currently, we are enjoying the benefits of having the Bumbo chair (we take it anywhere and let Leon sit and feed on it wherever we go), the plastic weaning bibs (currently all of Leon's bibs are stained with food) and the Pigeon food maker! We used to feed Leon in his walker (we put him in his walker at 5 months) but we are having a hard time since he's jumping a lot and walking (backwards) already. Nevertheless, Leon is a happy eater and basically enjoy all the (healthy) food that we give him.

Anyways, I still have a lot to share but the little boss already needs me. I really hope I could write here as often as I used to, but for now I hope you enjoy some of my personal mommy kwentos that I share to you. Til next time :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Mom


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