Goddess For A Day

If you follow me on my social media sites, you know that I have tried a belly dancing class last Sunday. It was actually my first physical activity after my long bed rest and birth to my precious Leon Paolo. If you also read my blog a couple of years back, you'd know that I used to have abs and do hardcore workouts at the gym. Well, a lot has changed since I became a mom and I put physical workout on low priority.
When I got an invite to try out belly dancing under the Goddess of Bellydancing, I immediately found a way to attend the class. It was my way of jumping start my "balik alindog" program which I have been delaying for many months now. Since Paolo and I don't have help on weekends (fortunately, my mom takes care of Leon when I have work on weekdays, while Paolo and I opt to be hands-on parents to Leon on weekends), I had to bring my two boys on my very first workout class after giving birth.
Since I was used to doing different dance classes before (zumba, hiphop), I thought that I won't have a hard time doing belly dancing. So when the Goddess of Bellydancing herself, Ms. Jill Ngo was orienting us with the basics of belly dancing, I secretly cannot wait for the dancing to begin. However, my "easy" expectation wasn't met. It was harder than I thought.
The Goddess of Bellydance, Ms. Jill Ngo
I thought belly dancing was easy. I thought all I had to do was to sway my hips side to side, twerk ala-beyonce and voila, I can do belly dancing. But I was totally wrong. I never thought that in order to properly belly dance, I must use my core muscles while maintaining proper posture, elongating my etremeties and moving around with poise. It wasn't the dity, sexy dancing that I thought. It was a dance that helped me appreciate myself and boost my confidence. It was a dance of strength, and a dance of passion. 
Ms. Jill's orientation also helped my regain my confidence back. Since I gained my flabs and lost my abs, my self esteem was highly affected (also the reason why I rarely post ootd photos), and I'm glad that through this class, I was slowly getting back the courage to believe in myself, to love myself.
Belly dancing was hard. Probably the hardest dance I've tried my whole life. But it was a dance that  would surely love to learn. Surprisingly, while doing the routine, I failed to follow Ms. Jill's steps but despite my "failures," I was able to feel sexy, beautiful and empowered. It definitely made me feel like a woman, like a goddss.
So for those who would want to try out Belly dancing and be a goddess for the day, go and visit Ms. Jill Ngo's facebook page, Goddesses of Bellydance to check and inquire about their services and rates. I tell you, even after just one class, your self esteem and love for oneself will go up a notch.

I hope you liked my post for tonight. Couldn't wait to post more!

Til next time!
Much Love, TBD


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