Family Day

There are really some things you cannot leave behind. I know I have been inactive in the blogging world for quite sometime, I still cannot give up blogging completely. I have been contemplating for so long to shut The Bargain Doll down permanently, but my heart cannot find the strength to do so. Deep in my heart I know that eventually I would be able to sort things out and find time to write again.
Then I thought, why not incorporate my #LeonKing on my blog? Since I have been having a hard time taking my outfit photos, why not take my photos while I carry him? Most working moms could probably relate but when I'm around, Leon won't go to anyone else but me. So whenever I'm home or we're outside, my clingy son won't leave my side, making me unable to accomplish other things -- unless he's asleep like now.
Quite frankly, my husband, Paolo took these photos a month ago when the three of us went to Manila Ocean Park for Macquarie's famiy day. Due to my hectic schedule and overwhelming number of activities, I wasn't able to find time to post it (until now). The affair had a nautical theme so we decided to come in matching stripes.
on Paolo: Polo and Striped Top: H & M || Shorts: Old Navy || Rayban
on Me: Dress: Forever 21 || Polo: Uniqlo || Sandals: People are People || Michael Kors
on Leon: Top and Shorts: H&M || Shoes: Fisher Pric

It was the daddy, Paolo who wanted us to be in matching stripes so I was in charge of shopping. Good thing H&M has a lot of stylish baby clothes that I did not have a hard time picking stuff for Leon. Luckily, it was also easy to find a matching sleeveless top and white polo for Paolo in the same store.
In my case, i found my polo in Uniqlo and the dress in Forever 21. I tell you, it was the hardest shopping challenge I did for I needed to satisfy my husband's requirement for style and fashion. Nevertheless, both of us were fulfilled cause we thought that we came in our most stylish selves in the event. I think we should do this more often. ;)
Anyways, ending my post with this photo. Leon is one hyper baby that literally loves to step on my chest, my face and do horsy-horsy on my shoulders.

I really do hope to write more soon.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


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