The Change

I usually start my blog by saying how much I miss writing and conclude with the promise of writing more. However, I usually end up breaking that promise. Since I became a mom to Leon and assigned in Paranque area (and goes home to QC), I rarely find time to blog. Finding time has been a struggle to me, until I finished a powerful training called the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
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I wouldn't go to details but I was inspired that if you have the willingness to change yourself, you can actually value your time, your relationships and even your priorities. Currently, I feel refreshed and inspired that if I change my paradigm on things, I can actually change how I manage my time and improve my relationships to other people.
Black sweater
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 Among the 7 habits, the 3rd habit, Putting First Things First is probably the most fitting in my current situation. For the past 2 years, I have been complaining of not having enough time to do meaningful things for my family and myself. I usually blame the nature and the proximity of my work for eating much of my time. This habit opened my eyes that I actually can do much more, only if I plan my day and my week and respect it.
Black sweater
So today, I'm starting my personal promise to do my weekly calendar (as suggested in Habit 3) and respect the schedule I put on it. I realize that if I wake an extra hour early, find other things to do in traffic, I can actually so something productive out of my situation. I am also writing it here in my blog to publicly announce that I am changing how I value my time and be more productive every hour. (Like how I write this on my phone while on heavy traffic).
Black sweater

Black sweater
Anyways, I really do hope I can be an effective person by being able to excel at work while being a good mom to Leon, a caring wife to Paolo, a thoughtful daughter and daughter-in-law, a gym buff and a part time blogger. May this blog be a witness to that transformation. Oh, I'm sorry if I choose to post a month old photo of me and my family to actually inspire me to improve myself. 

Til my future posts! See you soon, guys!

Much Love, TBD


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