Book Review: Before I Do

Most of us girls have one dream -- to wear that perfect white dress, on the perfect place with the right man we prayed for. Since we were little we have always imagined how and what we'll look like on our dream day, our wedding day. However like any other dream, getting our dream wedding is not always easy. While others presumably get their "proposals" earlier, most girls take a while before getting their most coveted diamond ring.

This is probably what I liked about Kath Estaquio's Before I Do. It talks about Kite Castille, your modern lady in her late 20's who feels the pressure of getting married (from her old fashioned relatives). Aside from the wedding pressure, the book wittingly describes a struggle of a long term relationship -- when the significant other suddenly has no time for the relationship .

Most of you know that right now, I'm presently happily married with a kid. So initially, when I learned about this book, I was like "bakit ko pa babasahin to e kasal naman na ako." Little did I thought that I could actually relate to some parts of the novel. It took me back in time, way back in 2011 when Paolo, my then-boyfriend-now-husband still wont propose to me even if I have been forcing him to (who would want to get married at age 23 anyway?) It brought back those frustrating years of being the only party obsessed in getting married (currently laughing as I reminisce those moments).

I must say, Kit Castille's late-20's-marriage-confusing-relationship-struggle is real. It shows how the pressure of getting married could actually affect your emotions, your partner and how your goals in life. While reading the book, you can actually find yourself relating to her confusion, to her pressures, laughing at her wit, disagreeing with the brewing potential lover, getting angry to her lousy decisions. It is incredibly written in a way na makakarelate ka talaga. The author used Filipino words and conversations that would make you read more and more.

So for you, ladies and even gents. head on over to the bookstores near you and grab your copy today!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


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