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It's hard being a girl. Aside from the fact that we have to deal with PMS every month, we have a lot of things to maintain for ourselves. We have weight concerns, make up concerns, skin concerns and most especially, hair concerns. Unwanted body hair is quite annoying so we do a lot of rituals to make sure that we are hair free. As for myself, I usually shave to shape my brows, pluck or have my underarm hair waxed and use veet for my legs.


When it comes to waxing, I don't usually have a usual "go to" place and have it done whenever and wherever I am. So when I encountered Whipped and their sugar wax offering, I got really curious to try it out.
I was in Ayala Fairview Terraces when I chanced upon the Whipped Waxing Salon on the third floor. I was in dire need of underarm waxing and eyebrow shaping that day that I decided to have it done in the shop. Upon entering, the salon smelled sweet and fun. It's as if I'm in candyland.
So I asked my salon attendant why does it smell so good inside, and her answer? It's because of their wax. Whipped uses sugar as a main ingredient of their wax, making their wax organic and free of harmful chemicals. Literally and figuratively, Whipped is so sweet enough to not just remove excess hair, but also ensures that our skin is free from harm.
Whipped offers cold wax for all their waxing services. It was actually my first time to have my brows waxed (tried eyebrow threading before and I'm never doing it again coz of the pain) and it was a little painful but tolerable. They cleaned and shaped my brows very gently and carefully. My attendant reminded me to avoid shaving my brows as it makes the hair hard and stiff, making it harder to remove and to wax. My underarm waxing on the other hand was fast yet gently done. I love how the wax left a good smell and smooth feeling on my armpits. I felt refreshed, clean and sexy at the same time.
Here's a few of my snaps during the procedure:

Overall, my experience in Whipped is wonderful. From the smell of the salon, its facilities, and staff, everything was sweet. I would not mind coming back to this Salon, or visit their branches in Alabang Town Center and Eight Forbes Town Center for my next waxing session.

As for my outfit:
Top: Random || Pants: H&M || Specs: Elizabeth Arden
Wedges: Payless || Bag: Mango Touch || Choker: @babybug.ig
Til my next post!

Much Love, TBD


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