Til I See You Again, Sydney!

I don't know if you have observed, but our trip to Australia last month inspired me to update my blog more often. Since I (assume) that I am starting to flood you with tons of our travel photos, let me conclude it by sharing with you the things we did on our last (official) day in Australia.

It was a Sunday, April 3 when we attended the wedding of our dear friend, Mike and Mia (the main reason why we flew to Sydney in the first place). Fortunately, our dearest friends, Fenrich & Ria offered to take care of Leon while we do our pasalubong shopping. Sobrang bait nila as in.

Top: Folded & Hung || Skirt: SM GTW || Shoes: Nike
Shades: Sprinto || Bag: Furla 

We went first to Chinatown to buy the usual: shirts, keychains, ref magnets and bags for pasalubong then went to Coles for chocolate shopping. We walked around the city until we reached the Queen Victoria Mall to buy Pandora charms (would not leave the place without it!). Since we're pressed for time, Paolo and I took UBER going back home.
It took me a little less than 10 minutes dressing myself and Leon up for the wedding (IKR!!). Leon and Paolo were ring bearers and veil sponsors, thus requiring us to be a little early in the venue. Since Pen and Ria were very reliable, we arrived just in time for the wedding.


First things first -- Saint Charles Borromeo Church was very beautiful. It was a small chapel with a rustic feel. The ceremony was also very different from the usual Catholic ceremony we do back home. It was simple, solemn and direct to the point. Even the group picture taking was done outside the church, after the ceremony. 

Dress: || Bag: Furla || Shoes: KMART (in Sydney)

We had to wait for a couple of hours for the reception so the group decided to have our super late lunch (at around 4pm) at Grilld Burgers. Yes the burgers were huge and healthy (as they say)!


The reception was fun! Leon was the life of the party who kept on dancing the whole time. Food were served plated (again different from the usual wedding buffets) and the crowd was lively. It was one event that we will never forget.


The next day was alloted for our travel back to Manila. I was actually in tears at Sydney Airport for I honestly don't want to leave. I fell in love with Australia-- the people, the hospitality of Pen &  Ria, the discipline, the weather, the baby friendly malls, transportation system, everything. Everything in Australia was ideal. It has all the services I dream for myself and most especially for Leon. It's one place I wouldn't mind living and retiring.

Made a video of our trip as well! Used my Nikon d5000 and Movie maker to edit :p lol

Peralta Flies to Australia from Rovie Peralta on Vimeo.

As promised, this will be my last post about our Australia trip. I'd talk about my trip to Switzerland and Italy (again) on my blog soon!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


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