Family Time at Austin Land

As I slowly transition The Bargain Doll into a lifestyle blog, I decided to also share with you stories about my family. Aside from the usual beauty reviews, ootds and travels, you will now see more about the (cute) things that I do with my husband and son. I'm actually starting it now by sharing with you how we spent our Saturday evening at Robinson's Galleria.
Expect non stop chasing, running around when you have a toddler in the mall. Despite the fact that we brought with us Leon's stroller, we still ended up chasing him around the mall cause he prefers to run around the big space. Since Paolo needed some clothes, I was in charge of looking after our hyper toddler as the husband shopped for clothes (in Uniqlo). The tables were turned when I went to the department store to buy some make-up at Maybelline (which I will review soon).
We went to Rob Galleria cause I wanted Paolo to have an ocular look at Tom's World, the venue where we will hold Leon's 2nd birthday party. We also took the opportunity to enjoy Austin Land, one of Tom's World amenities that is a perfect playground for toddlers and kids.
I love the fact that Tom's World has the Austin Land area (imagine: A huge inflatable with slides, mini trampoline, balls, mini- maze, mini rides) that little kids and toddlers will enjoy. Having Leon in an arcade excites him so much that he could not decide which ride to go first. Leon is usually confused as to whether he'll be riding on those mini cars, mini ferris wheel or play video games. Austin Land is a great option cause he could play around safely, interact with other kids and even hone his mental alertness. The best thing: it requires minimal supervision as the area is confined and you would not be scared of him getting lost. (But you always have to keep eye on him in case he bump into an accident).
Outfit Details: 
Pink Bodouir Top || H&M Jeans || KMart Shoes || Mango Bag

Pao and I paid P150 for an hour in Austin Land and obviously the both of us had fun too. We were looking after Leon in a more relaxed phase while we enjoyed watching him have fun!

I also made an amateur video showing how Leon enjoyed his time at Tom's World. Again, I apologize for the shaky and blurry moments, I honestly tried my best capturing the best moments using my Nikon D5000 and editing via Movie maker!

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Much Love, The Bargain Doll

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