Take Me Back To The Alps

After numerous posts about our concluded family trip to Australia, here I am again dumping you with tons of photos from my incentive trip to Switzerland last February. I actually have posted about our Lucerne city tour a couple of months back but it's only now that I'll be able to continue my post. As promised, I'm going to flood you with gazillions of photos taken at the Swiss Alps of Mount Titlis, Switzerland.

couple of before our tour bus departed to Mt. Titlis, we walked around the city to see the beauty of it. We love how Lucerne looked exactly like the cartoons I watched when I was young -- Princess Sarah, Cedie, and the like. Literally, I felt like I was walking in my childhood fantasy. Lol.


The highlight of the day, of course was our trip to Mt. Titlis. I never thought that I'd be able to see the Swiss Alps up close and personal (I used to see them in photos and milk cartons, lol) and even have the chance to step on it. We rode 3 cable cars going up the top of Titlis (it was an amazing experience, I swear), jumped, sat and lied down the snow when we reached the top. A workmate and I even road the "flyer" and walked to the "cable" despite the heavy snowfall that afternoon. I was literally jumping, lying down, sitting and eatings snowfall on a -10 degree weather. Mmy hands. ears and nose felt numb but I didn't mind at all. The experience was worth it.

The extreme cold was so exhausting that I was not able to appreciate the scenic city tour given to us on our way back to Lucerne. Nevertheless, it was one of my greatest day ever.

Outfit Details:
Jacket with Fur: Aeropostale || Random Leggings || Boots: Payless
Thermal Wear: Uniqlo Heat tech and Sun joy thermal for men
Bag: Longchamp || Rayban

Hope you loved my long overdue post!

Til next time!
Much Love,
 The Bargain Doll


Joyfullyurs said…
I love the photo where you were in the middle of the snow waving! <3
CJ said…
Ahhhhhhhhhh...gorgeous photos!!! The mountains look amazing!

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