Colourpop Ultra Matte. The Good and The Bad of Liquid Lipsticks

Right now, liquid lipsticks are the in thing. With the birth of the highly coverted Kylie Lip Kit comes the hunt for more affordable matte liquid lipsticks and one of them is Colourpop.

I have been a fan of matte lipsticks ever since matte has became a trend because you can wear it for long hours. Different variants has been introduced -- from matte, to creamy matte, to velvet matte, to liquid matte and now the ultramatte.
Upon learning about the Coloupop craze, I immediately ordered from a friend and chose my current makeup peg -- nude / brown. Since we do not have a lot of Colourpop testers available, I relied on the swatches posted online, hence my choice for Tulle and Chi.
It took me almost a month to get my orders and you can just imagine how excited I was to try my new babies. For lot of women out there, new makeups (especially lipsticks) comforts us in a very special way and every new beauty item that we score is very very special. I immediately tried my new babies on, and it gave me mixed emotions upon applying it for the first time.
Let me share with you why you should or should not buy your new set of Colourpop:

1. It redefines LONG WEARING lipsticks
I thought MAC and NYX's matte lipsticks were long wearing lipsticks but it blew my mind how long wearing Colourpop is. It really stays on your lips the whole day (literally will stay in your lips the whole day) unless you eat oily food.

2. ULTRAMATTE at its finest
You want a matte finish on your lipss? ColourPop will definitely not fail you. It will give your lips a super matte finish that will also mean drying or hurting your lips after a long day. It will not come as a surprise to matte users our there but hours after wearing colourpop, you will feel that the moisture has been sucked out of your lips. (Hence the need to apply lip balm before or after. I usually put lip balm of my lips at night to avoid further drying).

3. You need special makeup skills to apply it nicely on your lips
I love makeup but I am still an amateur when it comes to applying makeup on my lips. Applying lipstick perfectly on my lips has been a struggle (madalas lagpas and I need to correct it every after application) and it became a bigger struggle come the colourpop. I'm not good in applying it using their tip and everytime the lipcolor goes beyond my lips, removing or correcting it is so hard because it cannot be removed easily.

4. You need BADASS items to remove it from your lips.
As I've said earlier, Colourpop will definitely stay in your lips unless you eat oily food. You will need make-up remover, hundreds of wet wipes, baby oil or even soap to remove it on your face. When I was in the car one time, I had to spend 10-15 minutes just removing it from my lips using a tissue (that I moistened using the mineral water I have in the car). If you want a product that;s long wearing, this is definitely the one for you.

5. A Matte lipstick that will make you look like a celebrity for an affordable price.
 Whether we like it or not, Ultramatte and liquid lipsticks are so on trend now. At a very affordable price ($6 in the US and I got mine for Php 380 only) you can have  a lippie that is long wearing and will definitely make heads roll. I honestly get a lot of compliments whenever I wear them so I would not mind wearing a hard matte lipstick just as long as I look good on them.


Should you buy yourself  Colourpop? There's my honest to goodness review and personally, I would not hesitate buying 2 or more escpecially now that there are rumors that Coloupop and the Kylie Lip Kit are the same bananas! Hope you liked my review :)
xx, Roviedear


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