[GIVEAWAY ALERT!] Enrich your Child's Reading and Filipino Skills in The Learning Library

When you become a parent, your circle of concern grows larger and mostly, you begin thinking of things that will benefit your child. The moment your child is born, you begin to plan his whole future. You become conscious of what to feed them, what to teach them, what things to buy them, and so on and so forth. Now that Leon has entered his toddler stage, I began scouting for educational centers that will cater to his learning needs. Leon now loves playing with flashcards, count and read numbers from the calendar and of course dance and sing to his favorite nursery rhymes.

Through thorough research, I came across THE LEARNING LIBRARY, an educational enrichment center that focuses on reading comprehension and Filipino. Apart from your usual tutorial center, The Learning Library aims to let children of all ages enjoy and love reading, comprehend and understand each and every sentence they read and of most importantly, let the kids learn and understand our native Filipino language.


It got me curious. What sets The Learning Library apart from the usual play school or tutorial centers? Why should I consider enrolling my son or my nephews there in the future?


The answer is simple. The learning library focuses on the long term needs of our child. Then I realized -- reading, indeed is a life skill. If your child could understand and comprehend what he reads, he would easily understand all his school subjects in the future, even Math. Also, The Learning Library offers tutorial lessons but still focuses on enrichment and comprehension. The learning library is also like your usual library, where the children could borrow books, bring them home and return on a specific date. Imagine teaching your kids to love holding (and reading) an actual book.


I was fortunate to have witnessed a class during my visit to the learning library. It was a one-on-one class where the teacher was patiently reading a child a Filipino book and translating each word to English, so the child could understand the Filipino words. I saw how patient and focused the teachers were. It is a good preparation for the kids who are entering the big school, and supplement for the kids who are already in school

I was actually considering enrolling Leon to The Learning Library, however the youngest they can accomodate is 3 years old (or if your toddler can pass the assessment and can patiently sit and read for 30 minutes. I then decided to recommend it to my nephew who's already in preparatory school (will also blog about his progress here soon!). I am very excited to join this advocacy as I would also like kids to love reading, instead of being always on tablets or iphones.


Since The Learning Library aims to spread their advocacy, they are giving away free 1 month classes to 2 HELLO ROVIEDEAR readers. This will consist of 2 sessions per week that is good for 1 month. The learning library is open on weekdays from 9-5 PM, and 9-3PM every Saturdays. Sessions are mostly 45 minutes to 1 hour. Winners can choose to claim the sessions in any of their branches:

Here are the mechanics:

Follow @roviedear on Instagram and Twitter
Follow @thelearninglibrary on instagram
Tweet: @roviedear is giving away 1month worth of GCs to enroll in any programs in The Learning Library! Visit www.roviedear.com for the mechanics!

Leave on the comment below your name, email address, instagram and twitter handles

Hope you can join and help us spread the advocacy. Thanks!

Rovie Dear


Bedalyn Aguas said…
Bedalyn Aguas
Hoping to win for my daughter:)

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