My Skincare Secret

"You have really nice skin! What's your secret?" 
I have been asked that question many times since time immemorial. A lot of people have been complimenting my skin and most of them can't believe everytime I tell them what I use to keep them smooth and flawless looking (all these years). Now, I'm sharing in my blog the only product I trust to give my face that smooth glow.

My secret? Simple. I just Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize day and night. The product I use? PONDS.

UntitledYes. You read it right, Ponds. When I was in High School, I remember seeing Claudine Baretto's immaculate face on a Ponds commercial. I fell in love with the ad that I immediately bought the product and started using it since then. I remember using those pink colored ponds wash and daycream then adding the toning regimen come college.

Prior to shifting to the Pond's Age Miracle Line (the saleslady was able to convince me to shift cause the Age Miracle line is perfect (daw) for my age), I was using Pond's Perfect 10 facial scrub as my daily cleanser. The Perfect 10 variant was effective in tightening my pores, lessening the oiliness of my skin, and preventing and removing my pimples. I still use it alternately with Age Miracle, whenever I feel like my skin is breaking out. As for the Age Miracle variant, I noticed how it made my skin softer, and more supple. I also love Age Miracle's consistency cause it has very light beads to remove dirt from my face. It's also enough to remove the makeup from my face.
I started with the Ponds Pink toner but shifted to to the Acne Control (blue) toner cause I find it more effective in preventing and removing my acne breakouts. It has been effective in tightening my pores and lessening the oiliness if my T-zone. I always notice how pimples come out everytime I try changing my brand or forgetting to apply toner in 3 consecutive days.

I have been using both the Ponds Flawless White Day and Night Cream for many years now before I shifted to the Age Miracle Line. I remember loving the Flawless white day cream for it was a good make up base and moisturizer in one. However, since I'm aging nearing my 30's already, I decided to shift to Age Miracle to prevent skin aging. Age Miracle is very different from Flawless White. The texture of Age Miracle Day Cream is more lotion-like and is easier to apply. The day cream also gives that soft, supple and natural glow. It is also relatively heavier in the face, making the use of pressed powder enough as face makeup.

The Age Miracle Night Cream, on the other hand has a creamier consistency (compared to the Flawless White Night Cream). I always love applying night cream cause it makes my skin softer and smoother before I go to bed. It also makes my "woke up like this" look more glowing and more natural.

That's it! I hope this post was able to give you and idea how to take care of your skin. My take home advice is find the best product that works for you (may it be Ponds, or any other brand), keep on using it and be loyal. I tell you, the results will be worth it.

(Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, so all the things I'll share are based on experience and satisfaction with the product.)
Til next time!


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