Another Day, Just Breathe

Almost a month ago, my husband and I went to this picturesque coffee shop called The Coffee Project for our usual post workout Sunday fix. Since the place is so instagrammable, I took the liberty of having my OOTD photos taken inside. (On a side note, Coffee Project's interior is really a beauty, the coffee is good but the food needs more effort)
Anyways, how are you guys? If you are wondering as to why I gave this post such title, its just because lately, I feel so overwhelmed with all the things that I have to do. While the young millennials nowadays say, adulating is so hard -- the older, later adult in me has to admit that indeed, it is very very hard.

Oftentimes, I have this internal struggle to whether quit work and be a full time mom to Leon, yet I also have this desire to add value to my current career. After 8 years of doing the same job for the same company, I now have this yearning to be promoted, to do something else, to earn more, to provide more for my family. However, luck has been very elusive to me lately and after several attempts on promotion, I got rejected.

It was the biggest heartbreak I had in my 8 years of working. Moreover, I was also having some personal issues that also challenged my strength. But I had to be the bigger person and move on. I had to think of my blessings, instead of dwelling into the negative things. I learned to accept things and move on.
With all the challenges and setbacks I experienced the past few months, all I can say now is to just breathe. Things may be hard but our God will not give us a challenge that we cannot face. So whenever we feel down or challenged, it's just another day, just breathe.

Anyways, in case you are curious to the brands I am wearing, here are the details:
SM GTW Dress || PAYLESS (Montego Bay) Wedges

Til my next post!
Rovie Dear


CJ said…
Light and Love coming your way! I hope you get through this. 8 years definitely deserves a promotion or something like it! I think you really deserve that :)

CJ | From Manila with Love: Beauty, Life & Feminism
thank you so much CJ. your comment means a lot :)

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