Candy Colored Outfits

A couple of weeks back, Leon a was invited to attend a shopkins themed birthday party. Guests were advised to wear candy colored outfits, hence our color scheme. I initially intended to wear matching outfits with Leon but I do not own a lot of powder blue colored outfits nor Leon does not have a pink shirt (yet), decided to come in complimenting outfits instead.
Aaaah. I still could not fathom how fast Leon is growing. I can still remember him being this fragile little infant who clings to me 24/7 for nourishment, security and protection. Now, he is transforming to this smart, good looking and very active toddler who is very curious to explore the world. No matter how hard I pray for time to stand still and stop him from growing up so fast, I have no choice but to savor each and every moment and enjoy watching him grow. Seeing him achieve his milestones day by day is amazing.
Anyways, let me share with you some of the photos I took during Soleia's 7th birthday party. It was the first time Leon sat in the kiddie area of the party. It was also the first time for me to witness Leon sitting there and curiously watching the magician and behaving like a sweet little boy he is. Well, it di not last that long cause after eating dozens of candies from the buffet, Leon and I ended playing at the playground area of Arista Place condominium. (Hay, kids and their attention span!)

Outfit details:
On Me: 
SM GTW Pink Dress | FOREVER 21 Cardigan | KMART Shoes
On Leon:
GINGERSNAPS Polo & Khaki Pants || Nike Shoes

Its been a while since I posted a fashion related post! Hope you guys like it.
Rovie Dear


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