Local Filipino Gelato Flavors at Manila Creamery

#GelatoIsLIFE I mean, who doesn't love gelatos? I particulary love this type of ice cream because it is creamier and milkier. It has a softer texture for me and compared to a typical ice cream, it does not hurt my sensitive teeth [that much]. Then imagine delicious Filipino flavors incorporated on a gelato? My heart suddenly skipped a bit. 
talk about creamery
That is what Manila Creamery is all about. That is what Jason Go and Paolo Reyes, is offering us -- rich, creamy, delicious gelato infused with Filipino flavors. Both studied in Italy to learn about gelatos, Jason and Paolo decided to give the usual gelatos with flavors close to our heart. Imagine mangga at suman (my persobal favorite!), ube langka, Davao chocolate among many others. They are also using locally sourced ingredients for most of their gelatos.
I swear, each and every flavors of Manila Creamery are so good, you'd like to eat every one of them. My personal favorite is the mangga at suman cause it feels like eating your mango sticky rice in a gelato. The latik is actually a sauce on top of the gelato that makes everything so perfect together. The Davao chocolate flavor? Oh my gosh one of the best chocolate gelato I have ever tasted. 
So if you are looking for your gelato fix with a twist, head on over to Manila Creamery's first ever store on the 3rd floor of UP TOWN CENTER, Quezon City. I tell you, each flavors are so orgasmic you'd end up wanting more.

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Rovie Dear


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