The Terrible Two

You would never know how crazy it gets to be a parent until your child enters its terrible 2. Your once cute, fragile tiny infant suddenly transforms into this curious, hyperactive little human. You'll be constantly surprised on his milestones. Your heart will jump for joy as he begins to be more affectionate. He will give you random kisses, random hugs and say I love you mommy. You feel so overwhelemed and overjoy with the things he begin saying, you start singing with him as he can now sing a whole nursery rhyme, he dances at the beat of any music. Your child suddenly becomes the center of your heart, and your world.

In reality, that is not always the case. Honestly, on the other end of your sweet, affectionate little toddler comes this uncontrollable, hyper, terrible toddler who would not stop until he gets what he  wants. Before we were able to settle in this restaurant, Leon cried hysterically cause he saw a playground on the 3rd floor [of Robinson's Magnolia] and he desperately wanted to go inside in play. Since we were late for a dinner with friends, we did not let him play and told him that we will play after dinner. It took as half an hour to pacify him (just imagine him crying hysterically, while lying in the floor). Luckily, Leon calmed down and had dinner with us short after.

But because he would not stay put in one place, his dad eventually took him to the play area and played there for an hour and left me to catch up with my friends. When its time to go, Leon did cry again hysterically [cause as kids, they'd like to stay in the playground forever] but we were able to calm him down when we showed them the fountain. Leon was so fascinated with it that he goes crazy everytime he sees one. Well, the pictures speaks for itself, right?
Probably that what having terrible two means. There are times you find them too adorable but there are times you find them too annoying for acting up and being so hyperactive. Paolo and I would usually manage them together and vent out our frustrations with each other. Most of the times, Leon's tantrums spoil a part of our "family dates," but we already learned to handle and manage his attitude. 

How about you moms, how do you deal with your kids' tantrums?

By the way, in case you are curious on our OOTD:
On me: Random (tiangge) dress, Payless wedges, Furla Bag
On Leon: Big & Small Shirt, Osh Kosh Shorts, Chicco Shoes

Rovie Dear


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