10 Things I Learned From 2016

It has been five days since 2017 came and honestly, I still can't move on from the things that transpired the past year. 2016 was probably one of my toughest year that it gave me experiences that tested me as a person. 2016 was an emotional year -- it brought me to beautiful places, it showed me other opportunities but at the same time, it broke my heart, hurt my ego and heightened my anxiety. Those experiences changed me -- it changed my mindset, my attitude, my life in ways I never imagined. Hence, I am pouring my heart out and writing this blog post to share with you things that the year 2016 has taught me.

Especially when you worked hard for it
I had an amazing start of the year when I was included among the employees who flew to Switzerland and Italy for our company's incentive trip. It was my first time to fly to Europe and I will forever be grateful to Medichem - the CNS division of Unilab, for giving me an opportunity visit those two places for free. For someone who has been working in sales all her life, out of the country trips are a good motivator to work hard(er). Since then, I have always been inspired to deliver better results 

No matter how many times you fall
2016 may have started with a memorable European incentive tour but it honestly did not start off as easy as it seemed. The trip to Milan and Zurich was good distraction from the loneliness I was feeling for being rejected (for the 3rd time) for a promotion I have been applying for at work. Yes you read it right, I was rejected not once, not twice but thrice. The experience was highly demotivating. I remember days and nights of crying, of having troubled insecurities and self-doubt. My pride and ego were deeply hurt. Fortnuately, during those times, I was surrounded with good friends, colleagues - my manager, my workmates and of course my husband who stood by my side and told me to never give up. It was a long, hard and tiring process but slowly I was able to move on and accept those rejections. I even tried to apply again to another position at the middle part of the year and yes, again, for the fourth time, unfortunately, I did not get the position. 

is the first step to become HAPPY
It took me several months to accept and move on from my first major heartbreak at work. I have been with the company for eight years and the past couple of years pushed me to aim for a higher position at work. Truthfully, it was very painful to experience a number of rejections despite all the hardwork, dedication and loyalty I have given to the company. Truthfully, that's life and life is harsh. I have no choice but to accept it. It was a very difficult process but I realized that in order for me to move on, the first thing I need to do was to accept the truth. In accepting my defeat, I was able to win back my self respect. I was able to see all my weaknesses and strengths. I was able to re-evaluate myself. One step at a time, I was beginning to regain my self worth.

Keeping a full time job while trying to be a hands on mom and a wife is not a piece of cake. Everyday, I am overwhelmed with the tons of things I need to accomplish both for work, for family and even for personal needs. I must say that in 2016, I sort of mastered the art of time efficiency or in other words, I learned to make the most out of every minute of time. Every hour I am away from my family, I make sure that I am being productive at work. Every time there's a free hour at work, I try to read, to blog or do something else for my personal pleasure. Most especially, when I am with my family, I make sure that I devote myself to them. 

There is no other way to best express your love for your family than giving them the gift of time. There are times that my husband and I would feel guilty for staying out of the house so late, but we make sure that when we are at home, we give Leon our 100% attention. Also, with the recent events that happened to my side of the family, with my Nanay and Tatay being hospitalized during the holiday season, I made sure that both my parents felt my presence physically (and even financially).

Three years married, nine years together. Paolo and I have been inseprable since I was 17. You all know the story of how I managed to marry my dream guy -- the guwapong chinitong may kotse then lived happily ever after. But no. 2016 was also a challenge year for us -- we had misunderstandings, fights - common to any marriage. There were moments when we hated each other, yet there were times when we feel so in love. Indeed, marriage is a work in progress. Despite the number of years we have shared together, we still encounter difficulties, surprise each other with habits and attitudes we never knew existed. Those things though, are the things we learn and discover about each other, things that we accept and things that we love about each other.  

2016 was also the year when I decided to do more things for myself. Last year, I went back to blogging and revived my blog. I even re-branded the then fashion blog The Bargain Doll to a more personal blog named Hello Rovie Dear! I even got into fitness again and started spending more time at the gym. I may not devote the same time and energy into blogging and working out like I used to three to four years ago, I am still pleased that last year, I started to take care and love myself more through my hobbies.

"Prayer is the most powerful weapon against trials, The most effective medicine against sickness and The most valuable gift to someone you love."
The last two weeks of 2016 have been one of our toughest months. My nanay and tatay were both admitted to the hospital that made our family skip our usual Christmas celebration. During those moments, I prayed harder - harder than I ever did i my entire life. It was also one of my most exhausting two weeks for I was also hands on in taking care of both of them. Gratefully, The Lord showed me how powerful my prayer - our prayers were that He put Nanay and Tatay out of danger just before the year ended. It was the moment I realized how much The Lord loves me and our whole family. He granted my wish to extend the lives of the people who stood as my parents, of the people who have been making me strong, whole and intact. The Lord knew that my parents, my grandparents are the ones who are keeping me inspired and motivated. It was in 2016 I further realized that when all else fails, there is a big God who listens and takes care.

Melby day 2
Sydney tower eye
When Paolo, Leon and I went to Australia last April, we fell so in love with the place so much that did not want to go home. Thus, when we went back to Manila, all Paolo and I did was to dream to go back to Australia, specifically to Sydney and live there. Paolo and I were so impressed with Sydney's cleanliness, its safety, its transporation system, its VERY child friendly facilities and parks. All we did was dream to raise Leon in that kind of environment -- and luckily, that dream became a reality.

Paolo was given an opportunity to be assigned in their head office in Sydney. We could not believe how lucky we are to be given that once-in-a -lifetime opportunity. Both of us are looking forward into building our lives, and Leon's future in Sydney. Up until this point, I feel like I am dreaming and I cannot grasp the reality that next month, my family and I will start our lives in a different place.


Blue mountains

All those months of heartbreak, all those years worth of career rejections, those challenges that come the past year all happened for a reason. I now realized why those doors I want to enter never opened. It was because the Lord was giving me a bigger door - a larger door that can occupy me and the huge dreams I have for my whole family. As I have been telling Nanay the past days to never get lonely when we leave, cause we are given this unique opportunity to start anew, to earn more and to provide not just for Leon but for the extended members of our family. Paolo and I were being honed to be strong, to be tough and at the same time be caring and loving to our family. That is how The Lord works. Sometimes He wont give you the things that you want because He will give you better and bigger things - things that would add value to you and to the people around you.

Hence, 2016 was definitely my most colorful year, yet. It was a year of discoveries and travels, a year filled of love and family time. It was also a year where I experienced countless rejections, failures, frustrations and self-doubt. Then, just when the insecurities were piling up, the blessings unfolded itself one by one. I was slowly learning that indeed, the Lord has been preparing me for His plan - a plan bigger than mine.

2016 was the year that made me believe that indeed, I have a big God - bigger than I ever imagined.

Til my next post!
Rovie Dear


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