Finally, I am sitting in front of my laptop, typing away all my thoughts away. It's been two months since we have moved here in Australia and the boredom is slowly kicking in. When I finally learned to budget my time while doing the household chores and taking care of Leon, I begin to feel that I needed to do something more. Then, the husband finally said - it's time.

It's time to buy me a laptop. 

I didn't expect that boredom will creep in so fast. In under two months since we started this new life, I learned - probably mastered a lot of things. Suddenly I became a cleaning expert, a laundry woman, an instant chef, a nanny and most importantly, a homemaker. It was a quick transition -- fast, but very very hard. From someone who works more than 8 hours a day in the field, talking and interacting with a lot of people, it was hard to stay at home all of a sudden. There was a bit (and still is) a bit of loneliness I feel everytime I find myself exhausted from doing tons of household chores (which I'l write on a separate post). Hence, it's a nice reward to have a laptop to do something I am passionate about - which is blogging writing.

Anyway, Since we're already talking about staying at home, why don't I start with sharing with you how our little home in Sydney looks like? For those who failed to read my previous post, have secured a one-bedroom apartment in Rosehill, a suburb 30-minutes away from Sydney CBD. It was a quick transaction for we were directly referred to the unit owners. The moment we have secured the one-month bond payment, we were immediately given a one-year lease contract. Definitely, it was a nice, open-layout apartment perfect for our small family.
After our endless trips to IKEA, Bing Lee, KMART and other furniture shops, here's how our apartment looks like on the inside.

Living Room
Chaise Lounge and entertainment unit from IKEA, TV from Bing Lee, Cube Storage from Super A Mart

Paolo and I decided to go for a colour scheme that we feel fit for our unit -- black and white. We both feel that it's a classic choice and will fit to any apartment in case we move and transfer to another unit after a year's time. We also wanted to be as minimalist as possible as to keep our house looking, sleek, modern and clean. We still have a lot to decorations and accents to add to make our house look more "homey" but this will suffice for the moment. Anyways, let me show you how the rest of the house looks:

Deciding what to dining set to buy in IKEA was tough. I really wanted to buy something that will fit with our black and white motif. I initially wanted a white table but had to forego cause it may eventually get really dirty (I remembered I have a toddler!). Hence, I decided to buy this dark brown table and pair it with Harry chairs that comes with removable and washable covers. I really love how IKEA lets you customise your furniture,

Table and Chairs from IKEA, Small appliance from KMART, Fridge and Microwave from Binglee
(Dishwasher, Oven and Stovetop are built-in)

Indoor laundry
Washing machine from Bing Lee, Dryer, built-in
The motif extends to our (thank heavens its really huge) toilet, while adding color through the towels. Laundry basket, towels, rugs all from KMART.

Bed frame, mattress, tall boy, bedside drawers, Supreme furnitures.

That's basically it. Paolo and I still couldn't believe that we're finally on our own now and managed to have a house that we could basically call our own (even if we're still renting it). Even if our house is still little, we love how it makes us feel warm and homey already. We still have a lot of things to put in the house - like decors, frames, plants, rugs and more but we're really glad that our unit has the basic furniture, fixtures and appliances. We can't wait to add more color, decors and life in our home.

Hope you liked this post! More to come soon!

xx, The Mommy Roves


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