On Job Hunting and Separation Anxiety

Remember I was telling you guys that I was having a hard time looking for a job here in Sydney? Well, it is actually true. Mahirap makahanap ng trabaho dito, lalo na yung gusto mo. However, the good news is, I got one! Yes! After numerous rejections and failed interviews, I finally landed a job that (I think) is enough to cover for Leon's childcare fees and gain me the experience that I need. 
Just some of my numerous "rejection letters."

When I thought everything was getting really tough, I suddenly got this job. So fast, you may wonder. But you know why I easily got a job? It is because I decided to not be choosy.  

So while I was browsing this job alerts on my email (I subscribed in seek.com.au, indeed.com.au, and found.com), I saw a job posting, looking for outbound call center agents. The requirements were simple - above 18, knows how to write and communicate in English, knows how to use the computer and available to work full time and part time. With the schedule and the salary posted on the ad, I decided, why not give it a try? I have a sales background, I can speak and write English, I know how to use the computer and most importantly, I am above 18! Given such simple requirements, I applied online and voila! The next thing I know I passed the group interview and was asked to immediately start the training.

Woah. It was really fast. I was so happy that I got a job but at the same time, I was worried. Am I really ready for it? Am I ready to step back to the corporate world and put Leon into daycare while I go out there and work? The guilt and anxiety went rushing in. When everything came to my senses, I cried - I cried because of the separation anxiety.
This is Leon and Paolo during Leon's first day at the daycare. 

Am I doing the right decision? Am I being a bad mom because I'll put my son to childcare? Should I wait a little longer and wait until Leon turns 4 before I go to work? Should I just stay at home and take care of my son?

Those are the questions that kept bugging me (until now). Here I was, eager to help bring in more income to the family, but at the same time weary about leaving my son behind. After numerous conversation with my husband and with different friends, I finally calmed down and realized that whatever I am doing (and about to do) is the best for the family. Since I am feeling really anxious with this "adjustment" that Leon and I have to do, I found the courage to talk to my employer and asked for a change in schedule. After considering all the expenses and the schedule, I asked if I work from Wednesday to Saturday. This way, I can spend more time with Leon and still enjoy being a hands-on mom while having a part time work. Luckily, they agreed.

I just love how companies here value and respect moms here.
This is me, excited (yet still very nervous). Woah adulting is hard.

So after all the internal and emotional conflicts, I am glad that I found a job that would enable me to start a career here in Sydney while I still get to experience being a hands-on-mom. I'd be able to go to work, expand my network and realize the culture here. In turn, Leon would be able to play, learn and interact with other kids. Both of us will learn and discover the things we need to discover. More importantly, I am very grateful that the husband is so supportive that he allowed me to take this job given the fact that I had to work on Saturdays. However, that's life. You have to do what you have to do for the family.
This is Leon, very excited to go to "school." I think playing with other kids excites him!

Anyways, I still have tons of stories to share and I hope in a way, I am shedding some light to you guys. Hunting a job here will never be easy. However, once you've accepted the reality that you have to start from scratch, you can easily work your way up as long as you have the determination. And that's what I am going to do. 

Til next time!

xx, The Mommy Roves


Joy said…
Good luck, Rovie! Excited for you. 🖒 I'm sure all will be well.

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