I Got a Job and I Lost It (The Workplace Shock)

Throwback to this beautiful weekend we had at Hunter Valley
Today was a sad day.

On the fourth day of my training for this outbound, call center sales job here in Sydney, the training manager called me and two other trainees in a private room. We were actually in the middle of cold calling random people over the phone, trying to raise funds for a good cause when she cut us off. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we did not make the cut. She had to let me (us) go. 

Whew. I never realized it was possible to lose a job in just three days. 
Naiyak ako. Well hanggang ngayon naman naiiyak parin ako. I still couldn't believe what just happened today. A couple of weeks ago, I was so excited. Finally, I got a job. I have arranged Leon's schedule in daycare and secured him a slot. Paolo and I did the math - my supposed salary was more than enough to cover for Leon's childcare. Everything was looking so good. Our plan is finally working out. Until I got laid off. FAST.

Paolo and I going to work for the first time together. 

Ang bilis ng mga pangyayari. During our first day at work (technically, training), I was so ecstatic cause the hiring manager agreed to put me in the morning shift (instead of the afternoon shift) because I was a mother. I told her that I need to drop and pick up my son from childcare that the 9-4 shift was the best schedule for me. Without any hesitations, she agreed. I felt so empowered. I was so happy that the company understands my responsibilities as a parent. Generally, the Australian workplace is very mommy-friendly. I was so excited to work for them. I felt like I was  on the right place. 

The first half of our second day was dedicated to classroom training. Medyo culture shocking cause the training was very quick. It was straight to the point, on time and no fuss.  After the quick, no-chill 30-minute lunch break (na nagulat din ako kasi mabilisan ang lunchbreak, wala nang time makichika with new found friends), we were asked to take our seats in front of the computer and the phone and do our job. Wow ang bilis! Tawag agad. Talagang no-chill. Trabaho agad. 

Well, at least nafeel ko ang warmth from this coffee

As expected, I was nervous and anxious the whole time. I was stuttering and stammering. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't find the right words to say. I was panicking. I have been doing sales and customer service the past 9 years but it was my first time to do call center sales. I struggled the whole time. I could not understand much of the Australian accent, they could not understand my American accent. Nahirapan ako. Hindi kami magkaintindihan. In short, bokya. Wala ako nabenta. 

On the third day, ganon uli. Training in the morning, calling in the afternoon. With lessons learned the day before, I was more confident to call random people around. I still struggled a lot but I personally thought I have improved. I actually made a small sale. Wooh! Finally! Still, I was worried. Some of my batchmates were already selling a couple of hundred dollars. Tapos ako twenty lang. I felt really bad. I said to myself bukas, babawi ako. 

So today (Friday came). With much enthusiasm and confidence, I was ready to seize the day. After the training in the morning, we then went on the phones and called people. Then bam! I booked a sale! Woot woot! I felt so good. I was so motivated. Finally, I got the hang of it. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, konting polish nalang at konting confidence, kaya ko na to.

When I was already getting that vibe (Insert Eye of the Tiger background music), the training manager asked me to log off and instructed me to meet her in private. Yes, she did tell me that she saw my improvement but unfortunately it was not enough. I did not raise as many funds compared to my colleagues. Without any fuss, she dropped the bomb. "Sorry, but with the rate of your performance, I  regret to tell you that I cannot proceed with your training. You may now grab your things and go home."


So yeah I got laid off on my fourth day in training. I hurriedly left the building and walked and cried. Cried so hard. Ang sakit besh. Ganon lang yon? Let go agad? Wala bang second chance?

Well, the company probably have no tolerance for slow performers. They are probably hiring as many people as they can so they can eliminate and select the best. Parang audition lang yan. Yung nga lang, I did not make the cut.

Leon, always excited to go to childcare!

I somewhat felt like the world collapsed on me today. Everything happened so fast and I was not ready. And, the first thing that came to my head was Leon's childcare. Paano na ang bayad? Since I do not want to just pull Leon out of school (sayang naman kasi cause ang laki na ng improvement nya). Fortunately, the school director agreed to reduce Leon's schedule to two days (from three days) after explaining to her what happened to me. (Raraket uli si mother ng mga freelance work to pay for it)

With my heart broken and confidence shattered, I am a bit lost on what to do now. Is my rejection says a lot about my skills and character? Am I not fit to do sales here? What should I do?

Well aside from the obvious fact that I need to move on and find another job (which is sooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddd), I also need to be more resilient and be more optimistic. Probably, its not for me. Probably, there are better things for me.

Or probably I should just stay at home and take care of Leon. It's a job that I'd love to do

Anyways, I apologize for sharing this to you guys. Masaya din irelease ang stress dito sa blog kasi feeling ko may kausap ako kahit naman wala talaga. I also hope that somehow, someway, I am able to inspire / teach / impart something important.

Lesson for the week. When finding a job here in Sydney, the workplace knows no-chill. On my next one, promise, I'd do better.

Sharing this for some good vibes!

xx, The Mommy Roves


Ria Hazel said…
God is always good, Rovie. In time magiging okay ka rin there 😊 Miss you!
Anonymous said…
You can do it! Just keep trying! The harder the struggle the greater the reward! - Kris
G Abogado said…
Thanks for sharing a personal story, Rovie. Hoping for the best in your life there in Australia and I'm praying that you find a new job na magiging fit ang environment for a working mom. You can do it! :)

Czjai said…
Hi Rovie! Glad to see Leon adjusting well and growing up so fast! I'm a firm believer of the mantra 'things happen for a reason'; I know better things are coming your way! :)
Unknown said…
My heart goes out to you and your learning experience. Am pretty sure that you'll get the perfect Jon for you in Sydney. I know it's beyond comfort zone to try it out outside our country, but keep your head up, brave mom, you! YOU GOT THIS! ❤️
The Super Momma said…
So sorry to hear this. Probably this one is not yet the right job for you. There will always be reason to look beyond every circumstance. Always stay happy!
Verna Luga said…
There will always be something for you mommy roves, this one's maybe not.. who knows the next one would be something grand, tiwala lang! Good luck!
Kathy Balmores said…
You will get over this. I know this because I have been through this as well. It will hurt but sabi nga, we cannot quit for our child. They need us. They need us to know that we can survive anything.
Karen said…
Cheer up! There's a better job for you. I know workplace environment abroad is more different than here in the country. Parang slow-paced pa tayo, sa kanila parang kulang lagi ang oras at sayang ang isang minuto. Just work hard and always stay positive. Always give your extra mile in job hunting.
Hey babe, missing you!

And hey don't be sad dear. There are many jobs waiting for you. It only means that you are not meant to work there, so take it as a blessing. No more sadness dear.
You are good at something and hug that thought!

Try it again, and never give up.

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