LG Roboking Vaccumm - Our Ultimate Chores Hack

It may seem bizarre for some but I never realized that a simple thing like delegating chores could cause friction to a relationship. Moving here in Australia, Paolo and I had to adjust to the fact that we have no one else to rely on but ourselves. Gone are the days where we have our helpers, parents our relatives to cook, laundry or clean for us. Since we couldn’t afford to pay a huge amount of wage for a helper, we had no choice but to do things all chores on our own.
Hence I understand why appliances - such as dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners are very important in a household. For a busy family like us - working 8 hours a day, commuting for 1-2 hours a day, we had to do our chores as efficiently as we can. The faster we can do the chores, the more time we have to rest or to do other things.

Then you realize what kind of a job our helpers, nannies, yaya do at home. Ang hirap din ng trabaho nila. Hindi biro gumawa ng chores 24/7. When I was staying at home, I tried to be the ideal wife and did all chores myself - magluto, magsampay, maglaba, maglinis, magsampay at magalaga ng bata. It was not until I started working that I had to ask the husband to help out. Since I realized I am no superwomom, we delegated chores.

Funny how when months after I have given my husband the task to ensure that our carpeted floors are being vaccumed all the time, he randomly decided to buy this LG Robot Vaccum. Mautak din ano? While I was initially against the idea of it, he was able to convince me to get one for it was on extra-special sale that day in JB-HIFI (in Westpoint, Blacktown). From the online price of $1,100, we were able to get it for only $420. (Sobrang huge deal, ano).
And wow, I never realized the comfort and the advantage having a robot vaccumm at home. It is so smart that it practically scans and cleans the area by itself. It has a home station where it charges its battery. When you press start, it will just clean the area and remember it until it creates a pattern. Once it is finished, it goes back to its home station. Ang galing lang grabe.
The advantages:
It can reach the spots a normal handheld vacuum could not reach - under the bed, coffee table, desks, lounge, and sofa gave that it has a standard height. It remembers the space that it becomes more battery efficient as time goes by. It can suck dirt as powerful as our normal vacuum. You can either manually navigate it using its remote to clean a specific part, assign zones or just let it clean the whole house through its "cell by cell mode." Its full charge can run for an hour - good enough to clean a 30-40 sqm apartment, like ours.
The disadvantages:
Since it uses a camera to remember the ceiling pattern of the house (yes, the ceiling, not the floor!), it only works well on a bright light. If you need to leave the house, make sure the windows are up or the house is well lit. If you run it at night, leave the lights on overnight. If your sofa is a bit low (just like ours), it gets stuck inside and it cannot go out. When there are so many obstacles on the floor, the batteries run out easily. It can also get stuck on cables and wires. Our workaround? Put all possible obstacles on top (like chairs, toys, slippers), block possible entries and remove all the cords and the wires. There are times that it could not find its home station that you need to manually guide it there.

All in all, I can say that this piece of technology has been helping us in our chores. Now, we have more time to do other things. My husband now helps me with dishes and the laundry. Less pagod for the both of us, less frustration, less friction sa kung sino ba dapat gumawa ng chore or anything else.We are trying to be more smart with our time. We schedule our laundry Friday afternoon and night para next day, sampay nalang. I cook 3-4 dishes on a Sunday so I don’t need to cook when I get home after work. Less time for chores, more time for family and rest.

Hope I was able to share a thing or two to you guys. Til next time!


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