A Weekend In Wollongong

The day after Australia Day, (26 of January), we went to Wollongong, a coastal suburb located in the Southern area of Sydney, or New South Wales, to be exact. We were so amazed on how beautiful the beaches there are. It was scorching hot when we arrived in the beach that we got sunburnt by just walking around the beach for an hour. 
After having our serving of fresh seafood at We walked along the beach to see the Wollongong Head Lighthouse and how the clear blue waters of the beach shone behind him. The beach is so huge that you'd see boats on the left side and surfers on the far right. The view was nothing but extraordinary.
Hat: KMART | Top: Valleygirl | Shorts: Uniqlo
Since the heat was exhausting, we decided to check in at Sovereign Inn Hotel in Wollongong. It is a simple, affordable place to stay ($150 / night) that was decent enough to shelter us for the day. We're not really particular with our accommodation so it was enough for us. After napping a couple of hours, we then went to Kiama, a suburb 30 minutes drive far from Wollongong, to its most popular tourist attraction, the Kiama Blowhole.
Hat: Kmart | Dress: ASOS
The beach, again, amazing. On the harbor, you'll find the blowhole and be amazedby plumess of water - one of nature's spectacular performances. It was so thrilling that Leon had so much fun. Afterwards, we walked along the beachside, had a nice view and appreciation of it and ended our night by eating good Thai food at Thai @ Kiama
Dress: Random | Sandals: Kmart
We took our holiday lightly that we retired after a long day. The next day, we visited the popular Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong and be immersed on a completely different culture. I did not have that much chance to go inside each temples cause Leon was too noisy. Nevertheless, the place was beautiful. We were unfortunately not allowed to take photos inside the temple so we just took advantage of its appreciating its beautful structure.
It rained while we were there so we had to stay in the Dew Drop Inn Tea House , had our brunch while we waited for the rain to stop. It was a vegetarian restaurant, hence the dimsum and the noodles may not taste as amazing as you'd expect. Yung nagcrave ako sa siumai yes, they call it siumai here and dumplings tapos pagkain ko vegetarian pala so medyo hindi sya yung inexpect ko diba). Anyway, at least Leon enjoyed the vegetarian pork so everything good.
With the weather in Australia being very crazy, yesterday it was scorching hot then rainy the next, we did not get to go around Wollongong that much. Paolo brought us to Mt. Kiera Lookout but failed to see anything cause it was too foggy. We then proceed to Symbio Wildlife Park.
Before we had close encounters with the kangaroos and farm animals, we drove along the Grand Pacific Highway that has the greatest view ever. We stopped at Sea Cliff Bridge to appreciate the view. Imagine: Ilocos Sur but much better. You have mountains on the other side then the beautiful view of the beach on the other side. It was one of those places that you'd realize, I should have had a drone so I could capture the beauty of this place.
After spending some time with the animals, we headed home. It was a bit of a relaxing trip - we took our time and visited places as much as we can without forcing ourselves.We arrived home at around 7PM, just enough time to have dinner and sleep early for the next early day at work. 

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post. I am really keen in blogging as much as I can.
xx, The Mommy Roves


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