Leon's 4th Jollirace Birthday Party

Nearing the end of 2017, we have been receiving wedding invitations from our then newly engaged friends. As Paolo and I are both working full-time, we only have 20 days allotted for our annual leave each year, we had to carefully plan our leaves for 2018. Luckily, there were 2 wedding invitations we got for July 2018 which allowed us to also celebrate Leon's 4th birthday in the Philippines. 

When all the leaves we have filed were approved, the stars aligned to allow us to celebrate Leon's 4th birthday party in the happiest place in the Philippines - Jollibee. 
Honestly, I was more excited cause it has been my childhood dream to celebrate my birthday in Jollibee, which obviously did not happen. But we were able to have one, a really great one for our one and only son. And hey, we are so surprised how fun and lively the party was. When I say lively, I mean seems like they leveled up the party from the last time I remember.
First, the hosts send us out of before the start of the party for a "surprise." Turns out, they had to do a dance entrance for the celebrant. And they don't just made just once, but probably three dances - the opening dance, the birthday song dance, the dance with Jollibee and the closing dance. Parang nahilo ako doon. Haha.
Anway, we were so overwhelmed with the amount of people that came to our party. We organized everything from Sydney and the invites all happened in facebook. Don't we just love how connected we are nowadays? We are so surprised on the turnout that it became an instant reunion with friends and family. We tried to invite as much as we can cause we were just so excited to see everybody after a year and a half. And we never felt so loved. Parang kasal lang ang peg. Everyone wanted to see Leon, us and have a catch up. Sobrang saya lang.
Although the program was already set by Jollibee, the host allowed us to do this vegemite eating game for the adults. As expected they all didn't like it! Isubo ba naman yung vegemite ng buo! Pinapalaman lang dito yan sa tinapay, kaunting pahid lang with butter. Masarap sya, to be honest.

 Anyway, the party will not be organized if not for the help of our always reliable and capable mother-in-law. She suggested to us the Jollibee D. Tuazon branch cause it was relatively new, and it can house 100-120 guests. All we did was to check our preferred time on the website, https://www.jollibee.com.ph/services/party/ and select our menu there. Since our mum wanted to find out more details, she personally went into the store to clarify the information necessary. We paid the following for the fees:
Php 2,000 - Party Fee that includes 30 name tags, balloons, game prizes, loot bags, and Jollibee's apperance
Php 231 / head for the Chickenjoy with rice, Spaghetti, Fries, Sundae and Softdrinks
Additional 1,000 for Hetty Spaghetti's appearance
(cause she's my ultimate favorite)

All in all the party was a success. It was a great time to reunite with friends and a wonderful time for kids to have fun and play with other kids. I really appreciate the hassle free party planning and the professionalism of the hosts. Nabigla nga ako na 5 ang hosts namin! And they were very very game to meet our needs. Although you can never deny that their hosting skills are really loud, hindi mo naman maikakaila na tuwang tuwa ang mga bata sa style nila.

At the end of the day, basta enjoy and bata, di ba?

My ootd coming through. LOL
Of course the birthday boy who is very much happy to receive his gift. Most of his gifts are clothes though, as requested so we can easily bring them back here in Sydney.

Anyways, hope you liked my post.
Much Love,


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