Blessings Come When You Least Expect It



A couple of weeks ago, Paolo and I have celebrated our 14th couple anniversary at Shelly Beach in Sydney. We wanted to continue the tradition despite having a different wedding anniversary cause it has been in our system for so long and its not easy to let go of it. Though the celebration did not involve going out of town or eating in a fancy restaurant, our late brunch at The Boat House at Shelly Beach was beautiful.
Sometimes I wonder how Paolo and I made it. For us to last 14 years together (5 of which we were married) is just amazing. I can still remember how much fights we had during our first year, our almost break-up on our 5th, my myomectomy, and uteroplasty on our 6th year which made me doubt our ability to conceive, the endless struggles I had with my family - all those times, and many more Paolo has been there for me. Despite all the trials that came through, moments that tested our relationship, situations where he can actually leave, he stayed. He saw through things and fulfilled me the very first promise he made to me - to show me how it feels to be in a long and lasting relationship.
Since then, I know for a fact that my husband is my blessing. I never had an easy life growing up - yung tipong pang Maalaala Mo Kaya yung kwento ng buhay ko. I had always that void in my life cause I never knew my father (and not allowed to talk about him because its complicated) and he was God's instrument to make me feel whole. He had shown and given me love I never thought possible. Since college, he has been working his ass off (yung tipong sumisideline para may pang date) so he can bring me to dates, buy me gifts or simply just feed me when I ran out of money to buy lunch food.
Look where we are now.
14 years later, we're here in Sydney, struggling to build our family life and living the life we have always envisioned. Paolo has always been hardworking since the day we met and his perseverance has brought where we are right now. Although our life may seem beautiful, it wasn't as easy as it seems. Being far from my family that I am dedicated to helping, I still feel the sadness knowing that I can't be there for them on important times. Especially now that my mom's health is not in good shape. Apart from that, there is this neverending struggle of improving Leon's health. He has been getting ill quite often.
Yet despite that loneliness that I feel I still think of the main reason why we moved here - to be able to build our own and be able to extend the help to our respective families. We know that the Lord paved the way for us to be here because He knows that this will enable us to reach for our dreams whilst helping out. He knows that being here, we will be able to give Leon a better life he deserves.
And during that time of doubt, when I was asking myself if our decision to move here was right, The Lord unfolded his answer.
We finally received our APPROVED permanent residency visa application.
After months of waiting, we have finally received our grant notice. We have lodged our application late January this year and got our approval 9 months after. We applied through the employee nomination route where my husband's company sponsored our permament residency visa.
We could never be happier with the news. Now that we are permanent residents, we get to experience the government benefits, like childcare rebates, free medical, allowances for kids sports activities, maternity benefits and so on and so forth.

Its just amazing how God works. He may put you on tough times but he would reveal his plans as you go along. All you need to do is to trust the process.

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My life has never been easy. Growing up I would always ask why my life was like this, why I don't have that, why I'm like this.. but I never got the answer. I guess I never will but if he did give he his blessings years after - through my husband, through my son, and through this new life we have in Australia.

Hope you liked this post.

Much Love, The Mommy Roves


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