To The Boys I Love Forever



Yes, the title is inspired by the now trending Netflix movie To All The Boys I Loved Before. Not because I would talk about the boys I loved before, but it seems fitting to express my the love I feel for my boys.

Over the weekend, we celebrated Father's day in Australia. I know you find it weird cause it is 3 months behind the normal Father's Day in the UK , US and everywhere else, including the Philippines) where Father's day is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of June. I was confused at first, imagine having two fathers day celebration in a year. I almost failed to greet my grandfather in June this year cause I had no idea it was Father's Day until facebook reminded me. Blame it on this holiday fatigue they call here in Australia. They decided to celebrate Father's Day cause of too many celebration on the first half of the year - New Years, Australia Day, Anzac Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Queen's Birthday (oh wow, that many). And also it was a perfect timing to celebrate the start of spring.
 Anyway to celebrate the goodness that is my husband, I have decided to bring my lovely boys in Central Coast for Fathers Day. Central coast is that charming area in New South Wales where you can literally live by the coast without hurting your pocket. I have heard so many good things about the Central Coast with it being an hour and a half drive from Sydney, it was a perfect getaway.
As per my workmate's (who lives in the Coast) recommendation, I have brought my boys to The Reef Restaurant in Terrigal. It was one the best NSW restaurants I've ever been to. The view was amazing, and the food was just fantastic. Their Salmon Sous Vide was just melt-in your mouth goodness. Apart from having our endless "wow this is so good moment" whilst eating in the restaurant, we had so much fun gazing at the beach with the binoculars that the restaurant has provided. I think the our little boy had the most fun.
Funny I must say, but Paolo and I have joint bank accounts so bringing him to a place like this and paying for a nice meal actually defeats the purpose of a surprise. I wanted to give this to him as a gift but because the banking apps here in Australia actually shows your real time spending as you TAP your card (or phone) Paolo practically knew the cost of my "surprise." But its the thought and the experience that counts, right?
This celebration may not be enough to express my appreciation to my husband, but I am glad that through a quick trip by the coast, I was able to give him the relaxing experience he deserves. Living in Sydney has been very challenging for us, without other people to rely on but each other. With both of us working and taking care of Leon full time, Paolo has been doing his best to help out. In fact. I have never seen him very hands on in taking care of our son. I can definitely rely on him on times that Leon get sick and I am not around. He works hard, really hard to provide the best for the family.
In fact I have never seen him become this devoted to Leon until we moved here. And I thank him for that.
Everyday, I thank Paolo for making my dream come true - to be a mother. Each time, before I go to sleep I look at my boys and it makes me realise how blessed I am to have them in my life. Having Leon is a miracle and having them together is everything I could ever wish for. Our life is hard, my life is hard, but being with boys that I love makes my life beautiful to live.
Hat and Top: Target || Skirt: Random (Thrifted) || Boots: Random Steal from Paul's Warehouse || Sunnies: Will.I.Am

Hope you liked my post. 


My husband took our beach photo. He really spoils me with instagrammable ones.
Much Love, The Mommy Roves


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