Much Needed Spring Cleaning with Fantastic Services

"Finally, I can have time to clean the house." 
This came straight to my mind when the company I work for encouraged us to work from home three weeks ago. I always thought that working from home means having more time to spend in the house, more opportunities to manage my day, allowing me to squeeze in some time for household chores.

But I was wrong. Completely wrong.

Now I understand why my husband, Paolo kept on saying that he can never juggle working from home and looking after Leon at the same time. It is definitely hard. When the partial lockdown started in New South Wales and kids are encouraged to stay and study at home, and both of us parents are now working from home, the thought of having more time in my hands was completely wiped out. It was harder than I can imagine. I had to do a million things at the same time - do my work virtually, homeschool Leon, manage Leon's attention, emotion, cook lunch, dinner, prepare Leon's recess and snacks, pack away all our stuff and so on. The next thing I know, the house is a mess and I am so drained to do other things. 

Just like a knight and shing armour, Fantastic Services reached out and offered to do a spring cleaning of the house. It was the kind of help I needed. I never had professional cleaning done in our house (or granny flat, rather) except for the time we had to move from another apartment and I was excited for this opportunity. With the treat of Covid19 it was also the perfect chance to have the house cleaned and disinfected.

Fantastic Services came to our house midday on a Saturday, giving our family a chance to have a "break from the house" for 3 hours while they clean up. I particularly requested for a general house and bathroom cleaning and most importantly, glass mirror, window and sliding door cleaning I could not remember the last time I cleaned the glass surfaces in our house and trust me, they have the nastiest handmarks, soap marks, and dirt marks you can think of

We stayed for a little while before we left Mukhlis and his wife in our house. Another great thing about having Fantastic Services do the cleaning in our house is that you can have the peace of mind of having trustworthy professionals look after your house. We used the opportunity to run errands and do our grocery shopping. Imagine having that luxury of someone cleaning your house while doing something equally important - that is something worth investing in.

Handmarks gone!

A couple of hours and a few shopping bags later we arrived in a house we couldn't recognise. Every aspect of our house was squeaky clean - from surfaces to small appliances, glass windows and mirrors! Paolo and I were stunned - we could not believe how clean and flawless our house is. We kept on staring at our shower screen - we have never seen it free of soap marks. I have been trying to get rid of them but I was never able to do a fantastic job on it.  Fantastic Services is definitely heaven-sent.
Even the surfaces of our small kitchen appliances were cleaned

Leon from the inside of the house. Can you see how clear the windows are?

Not shy to take mirror selfies from our room! They are so clear and clean it looks like it wasn't taken from the mirror!

Even our floors are so clean! I could not remember the last time I properly mopped and wiped the floor. I normally just broom the dirt and use surface wipes to wipe them. There is a major difference if you actually mop it.

We are really grateful to be given this opportunity. Leon and I kept on dancing and playing on our freshly cleaned floors. We are beyond inspired to maintain the cleanliness our house and if in the event things get crazy again, I would be very happy to get another one-off cleaning from Fantastic Services.

You can also have your own one-off cleaning too! Apart from this service, Fantastic Services also offer moving out cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning and many more. The better news, you can get $20 off on any of your cleaning services when you use the link below:

and use the code themommyroves 

for you to enjoy the discount! I promise it is the best gift you can give to yourself whilst on lockdown. Their staff does practice proper social distancing and proper hygiene. Fantastic services do daily checks for each employee and are equipped with all the necessary equipment and needed disinfectants. Most importantly, the leaners have passed a course and have an infection Control Training Certificate from the Australian Government Department of Health.

Should you want more information, below are the useful links:

Referral code: themommyroves 

Let me know if you also took their cleaning services and share your experience!

Much Love, The Mommy Roves


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