The Much Deserved Family Weekend in Holiday Inn, Potts Point

When the lockdown was announced in March, Paolo and I had to work from home and had to cancel all our planned holidays (including our much anticipated trip to the Philippines). 3 months later in June, lockdown has eased in NSW, thereby allowing us to go out more, for Leon to go to school and me, going back to work and Paolo, to still work from home. While life has slowly (almost) gotten back to normal, there is one thing that we cannot do - to travel and go on a holiday.
View from Royal Botanic Gardens

Instead of missing out on travel opportunities, our family decided to spend our holiday in Sydney CBD. We’ve been living in Sydney for almost four years now but honestly, we haven’t been to the city that much and there are still a lot for us to discover. 
Our lovely family in the Holiday Inn Potts Point Hotel Room

When we were given this opportunity to enjoy the Family Picnic Package in Holiday Inn Potts Point, it was the exact idea that we needed for our family. A weekend that just about us - a lovely picnic for the family, and an overnight accomodation in a room that offers one of the best views in Sydney.

Holiday Inn Potts Point is verified as a Covid Safe business by the NSW Government so it gave us the assurance that the hotel ensures safety and cleanliness all throughout. It didn’t disappoint when we checked in - as there are sanitising stations in the reception and before the lifts and social distancing were adhered.  On top of that, the reception staff, William was so warm and friendly that the moment we checked in everything was a breeze. Don’t you just love it when you get sincere and excellent customer service?

The big question is, what are included in the Family Picnic Package? 

First you get to check-in in a spacious family room with a beautiful, stunning and breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbour.

Second, a tailored picnic will be provided for your family to enjoy. Holiday Inn recommended the Royal Botanic Gardens which is a walking distance from the hotel. It was our very first time in this garden and the view was so astonishing. The park was also very huge - huge enough for Leon to run around and play tip with me and his daddy. 

A bottle of wine was provided in our hamper so Paolo and I decided to drink it in our hotel room. The room that we had was a one bedroom suite which was immensely huge for our family of three. Leon had his ipad time in the lounge while Paolo and I stayed in the bedroom while drinking wine and watching TV.  Of course, being the instagram husband that he is, he also took stunning photos of my in this view.
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We spent the night roaming around Potts Point as there a lot of food places around. We ended up in a Vietnamese Restaurant which Leon fell in love with (Fried Pork with rice). It was one of our greatest nights we had as a family - just being together in a relaxed manner. 
The next day, we ordered breakfast in bed (not part of the package) as we want to savour the view. How often do you get to have breakfast in bed in with this view, right? Leon also had the most fun as we did enjoy looking out and trying to figure out what were the places he can see. Apart from that, we did enjoy the other best part of the room - the bath tub, which Leon truly enjoyed.

This is how much our family enjoyed our staycation in Potts Point - definitely something we will do again! Leon enjoyed it so much that he has been bugging us to “go back to the hotel” as it was something we truly enjoyed.

When you book your stay in Holiday Potts Point, there is no deposit required, free cancellation until before 6PM day prior to arrival (which can also be rescheduled within the same time period). Complimentary parking would be provided as well.

Click the link to book your next staycation here: Holiday Inn Potts Point

And can I leave this photo here that my awesome husband took:

Let me know by our ideas for staycation and also if you get to have a chance to book your Holiday Inn Staycation in the comments.

Much Love,
The Mommy Roves


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