Every Plate: A Great Meal Box For the Family

One of the toughest task of being a full-time / working mom is planning and making the meals for the family every week. Are you like me who feels stressed every weekend, thinking and planning the different dishes you’ll cook for the family? Or do you feel mental every time you’re in the shops thinking of the different ways you can cook chicken breasts to make sure that you can portion out the poultry appropriately?
Glad that I have found the solution to my never ending, weekly dilemma with food with EVERY PLATE!
Every Plate is a weekly meal delivery box that gives you all the ingredients that you need to create delicious and easy to make dishes! They have numerous recipes that are guaranteed TASTY and VERY EASY to make! In fact, you only need to follow 4 SIMPLE STEPS to give your family a fantastic dinner every single night.


Very easy! All you need to do is to visit this link, and choose the number of people and meals you need for the week. You can choose up to 6 meals per week for 2, 4, or 6 people. Select the meals that you like, (vegetarian options available and premium rump steak option when you add a little amount) then choose the delivery time frame suitable to your schedule. That easy! Plus, you can then get 40% off your FIRST box, then 20% off on your 2nd and 3rd boxes when you use the code ROVIEPLATE! Wow, you get to save and feed the family good food. That’s a win-win!


Once you have selected your meals and your delivery time frame, Every Plate will arrive on your doorstep on the agreed timeframe with all the fresh ingredients stored in a cardboard box. The meat and the other perishable items are packed and sealed in a foil cooler bag with reusable ice bags ensuring that they are kept fresh. In fact there were times that my boxes were delivered in the 7 in the morning but would only be able to organise it after I come from work. The meat are still very much intact and fresh.

You will also get instruction cards for the recipes you have chosen. What’s fascinating about the recipe cards is the 4-step instruction guide! The steps are very easy to follow, no-fuss and most importantly they can be done in under 30 minutes! This is the perfect cooking time for me as I’m always exhausted after a day’s work.

Easy Chicken Parmi with Salad

VERY GOOD. Paolo, my husband and I loved every dish that we have cooked with Every Plate. As I have mentioned before, the steps are very easy to follow and the end result is always really tasted so exquisite. I am not an expert cook but cooking with Every Plate made me feel like I am.

Mexican Beef Bowl & Salsa with Garlic Rice

In fact, I feel so proud as I am now able to cook a Chicken Parmi, which I was so scared to cook before. I also leaned a new technique of cooking garlic rice with Basmati rice. If you’re a Filipino, we’re used to cooking our garlic rice the “sinangag style” where we cook the garlic in oil first and stir fry the cooked and cold rice. But with Every Plate, it taught me to cook garlic rice differently- and boy, when you cook the garlic on butter then boil the basmati, it is so GOOD :)

Asian Pork Burger with Golden Wedges & Cheesy Bacon Penne with Greens
(My 2 personal favourites as it gave an Asian twist to Burger, and added veggies to your creamy pasta)

Mexican Chicken & Garlic Rice with Salsa | Spiced Chicken Steaks & Mash with Creamy Garlic Sauce

In terms of portion, I must say that they are portioned really well. We have opted to get 6 meals for 4 people, as we are 3 in the family. The servings are so plenty that Paolo and I have enough food to bring eat for lunch the next day.

Sticky Honey Soy Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries & Salad
 | Persian Chicken & Roast Veggies with Baby Spinach

Also, the portions are very generous as I also bring my Every Plate dishes to dinner get together with friends. Would you believe that a serving of 4 actually fed 8 adults when I brought the Persian Chicken and Roast Sweet Potato with Baby Spinach on a gathering? All my friends loved it!

I am definitely recommending Every Plate to make dinner more memorable and practical for the family. Every Plate has gifted us 3 weeks worth of meal boxes and we have decided to continue our subscription as it has given a lot of benefits to our family. We are enjoying delicious dinners every night. We are also saving time as we are spending less time in the shops for grocery shopping. I am also feeling less stressed as I am cooking and following easy recipes yet keeping my family (especially my husband) happy with delicious food. Did I also mention that they are healthy and nutritious? All of the dishes have vegetables or salads with them making sure that we have our veggie intake each day.

Have you tried a meal kit yet? If yes, share me your experiences below. If you’re curious to try, get box here and enjoy 40% off on your first box and 20% off on the second and third when you used the code ROVIEPLATE


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