PFW S/S 2012: Sexy Safari

Since my camera's battery died before the show ended, I also failed to make an outfit shot (Boo-Boo). So I decided to take my OOTD shots the day after. Yes! I took this shots the next day, before I went to work. (Umeffort pa talagang magpalit! Haha)


I initially planned to wear this only sexy corset dress to the PFW until I found this awesome top at a boutique that I accidentally found in Mandaluyong called Butterfly Kisses. I ran on a flat tire while driving to work last Monday and had to take my car to a vulcanizing shop. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have a change for my money that's why I walked around and look for places that I could have it changed -- then I discovered  Butterflly Kisses. The animal-printed skirt hanging on their mannequin caught my attention and I entered the store to inquire -- only to find out that it was a top! Really cool :) 

Anyways, back to bloggging, can you just imagine how many safety pins I used just to pull off this outfit? Tons! I had to adjust the length of the dress (it is actually goes above the knee) and make the blouse look like a skirt. Can you see the drapings on the side? Its actually the sleeves of the top! (This idea was awesome- its like I bought 2 items for the price of 1!) I just love how my outfits were transformed.

And oh, I did not wear the shades on the PFW event. I just had to put them on because the sun was striking and I don't have any make-up on. (Just the red lipstick) :P


Much Love, TBD


Clara Turbay said…
I like so much your style. Come to see mine.
thanks clara :) sure! will check yours
Unknown said…
not halata that you used pins, dear!! :)

Thanks again!

-Nina of :*
Clara Turbay said…
hi, my answer is yes. im following you now!}
I hope you do the same
αвву M. said…
love the Outfit :)
@nina: naku, thank you! dumi-DIY mode lang!
@clara: followed you:)
@abby: thank you!
Haus of Style said…
These pictures came out awesome. You have such a beautiful figure and I love those shoes on you! So pretty.
You are stunning and I had a lot of fun reading this post! Love the skirt!
Come to visit my blog when you have time and if you want let's follow each other!
That dress is amazing, you look like a celebrity! well done!

Unknown said…
Naku, dapat pumunta ka sa Multiply Party!!! It would be nice to meet a blogger!!!! hee! Next time! =)
Wonder Woman said…
Sent you an Arnold Galang ticket. Will take care of the other tickets for you once you send me your full name, city/municipality and mobile number. :)
MariaKristela said…
Your efforts paid off! You're gorgeous! :)
hey darling! same thing happened to me about the camera. BTW, you look lovely! I love how you were able to use your top as a skirt. PFW is love! :)
Kaleido Mind said…
love the silhouette of the dress!
@justtutuny: Thank you so much. I think I lost a lot of weight recently. Haha!

@Francesca:aaaw thanks!:) of course we can follow each other!

@Marie Antoinette: Wow, thats a really nice complement! thanks :)

@Angel: Yaaay! thanks I was able to watch it :)

@Maria Kristela: Thank youuu!

@nina: Ayyy I was so shy Next time Ill go to people nalang and papakilala ako kahit magisa ako :P choz!

@valerie: Kainis diba pag nawawalan ng batt! and yes, PFW is love! hope i can see you there :)

@kaleido: thank youuu :)
kate said…
i love your skirt! you look great :)
Rochelle Rivera said…
Love it! Sexy and I want that corset and skirt. ♥

Loving your blog. New follower: ♥
loving your look :)
kate said…
sure we can be followers :)
i already added you.

have a nice evening! xx
@rochelle: thanks!!:)

@perdifina: yay! following youu :)

@kristine: thanks :)
mestizay said…
Love your shoes rovie!! so unique!:)

Sayang I didn't see you in the Michael Cinco show. I think we were on opposite sides base on your photos.hehe
Gellie Abogado said…
great look! love that blouse-turned-skirt. really creative! :)

born and worn to be wild. i love animal prints *.*
i know that skirt ;)

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