Lazy Daisy

It's been a while since I made an outfit post, and I'm making something that I have worn weeks ago. (Yes, its a very late post, cause I'm terrible like that! Haha). I wore this for All Saints Day and visited Paolo's relatives at Bulacan. 

Remember the Halloween Party I attended last October 31? That party got me really drunk (and good thing I had a driver!) Arrived home at around 4am and had to wake up at 8am to visit the cemetery. Having that bit of a hangover I hurriedly took a shower and put on the first pieces of clothing I grabbed from the closet.

SHADES: Rayban // NECKLACE: Celine // BRACELET: Vente // WATCH: Timex
TOP: Grandmom's // PANTS: Thrifted // Shoes: Confetti

And here's what I came up with. I know its one of the laziest outfit but it surely helped me nurse that hangover. (Guys, drinking is bad. Make sure you drink responsibly! Teehee!). So I spent the whole afternoon having siesta, eating out, and playing with this little dog.

Just click the link below

Much Love, Much Love, TBD


Your pants are so cute! i want a pair!
Love Joice said…
Following you back, dear! thank you xx Joice
Nadine Natalin said…
love your pink top dear :)
Anonymous said…
I like your trousers!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Can you follow each other? :)
Give a pass by the mine. ^_^




MY TWITTER:!/yumiko_o

Aaaw thank you guys <3
Anonymous said…
lovely pants and shoes, great styling!
you definitely rocked those drawstring pants..if i were the one to wear it, i would have looked like i'm going to sleep..hihi.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
i adore your trousers! so fasyon! :)
Ally Hunnam said…
Love the whole color palette! so elegant :))
Ze Queen said…
I love you grandmom's top!
mestizay said…
you really look amazing in pink!:)
mishuella said…
gorgeous look !
Megan said…
Your shoes are so fun!! Love the color :)

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