Blown Away

I MISSED YOUU!! Yes you, my humble blog and my wonderful readers (if there are any). I've been on a blogging hiatus for a couple of days and I blame my later-blooming self for going out with my girlfriends (to ktv and to party) for TWO straight nights (and yes its only now that I am starting to realize how fun it is to go on a night out with girlfriends -- which I will share some other time, haha!) And now I'm back to my late-blogging self. 

Anyway, sharing with you an outfit I wore last week for work and a movie date with Paolo.

 Lately, I have been skipping on uniforms and wearing smart casual attire for work. I usually keep my outfits as simple as possible but sometimes I love to add a hint of something that screams "statement" like this animal-printed cape that I bought from Greenhills.

Pumps: NINE WEST // Bag: XOXO

Proabably the main reason why my outfit looked really fierce is no other than the sobrang lakas na hangin! Instant bongga factor on my look. Effortless!

Instant "fierce"  effect! Love it!

Watched Immortals after taking the outfit shots and I would love to share you my thoughts on the film but since my body's still tired from all those gimik I had, I think I need to rest first. Have a great week ahead! And oh, its only a couple of weeks before Christmas!! I haven't done any shopping yet!! :-(

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Thanks for reading! :D


Noelle Chantal said…
I love the classy animalistic print of your cape. And those shoes, pretty nice too! Love th photos eith the wind playing your cape and top :)
Thestyleflux said…
Love your python printed cardigan :)

hi noelle. super thank you for the sweet comment <3 so touched :)
hi kaye!! <3 super thanks for giving my blog a visit!!
Jenine Semilla said…
I love the blazer rovie. Cape effect! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Bongga nga. Parang you have your own wind machine and yay for statement pieces. We're on dress down mode at work and God knows I miss dressing up. Well, sometimes lang. Kaloka ang heels minsan. I watched Immortals yesterday with my boyfriend and I think the movie sucks. The plot was ugly and everything about it was just bad and that's just what I think.

Sorry, di ko naman sadya magtaray sa blog mo. :D
eden said…
i love the cape! now why didn't i find something like that sa greenhills?! haha. you look fantastic, dear rovie:)

surprisingly I only got it sa mga "SALE, P200" on the racks. haha :) thank you eden you're so sweet!!
haha its okay chyrel! :) I feel the same way. It was dragging and confusing too! I only loved the last 15 minutes or so. (because the gods were so hot and they were in gold) haha!!:P at least there's an instant review na about the film :)
yey thank you jenine :):)
Kookie B. said…
Love the chiffon top! And the photos are nice, Rovie. :)
omy <3 thanks for the visit kookie! so flattered!!

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