Re-wearing a Maxi Dress

Dress: MINT || Tube: Random || Shoes: Folded & Hung 
Accessories: Cocco & Celine

Remember my outfit last Philippine Fashion week (Somewhat Formal)

This was actually the same dress I wore on that event, only that I wore the back area to the front. (What a great twist). I wore this to a HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS party I attended with some friends at Paranaque. Prior to the event, I had a sleepover on a friend's house and this is only outfit available for me to wear. Styled it a bit with some accessories (and my high heeled pumps) and it was good to go. I love how Maxi Skirts and Maxi Dresses make an outfit stylish without putting on too much effort.

Anyways, how's your 2012 so far guys? My body is still adjusting to back-to-work routine but Im so excited to make more money this year! (Hope you guys are excited for the year too!) Don't forget to hype my look! :)

Thanks for reading! :D


Ivy sie said…
I love your outfit<3 the heels are just gorgeous!
Happy new year 2012 :D
Theglossymood said…
A BIG KISS!!!!!!
Thestyleflux said…
Oh wow! love the transformation! like how well it turned out to be a nice dress for a day look :)

vivvance said…
you are the cutest thing x

take a peep. my new blog

if you like, follow me on bloglovin! and i shall do the same
thanks ivy :):) happy 2012
oh my thanks for following my blog!! how sweet!!!! :D:D sweetie, can you send me a link of your blog? i can't seem to find it, would love to visit it!! :D:D *kisses!
aaaw. i get so kilig kaye everytime you comment on my blog <3 thanks :)
Jeemah said…
babe you nailed it!! totally gorgeous! <3 super love the necklace and the maxi skirt.. i should try maxi skirts some time!haha though i'm a bit conscious coz i'm not tall at all!haha maybe some heels will do the trick noh? :)

Jem! You should wear maxi!!! pairing it with heels will definitely do the trick!! :D :D:D I'm only 5'2 no?
jem_villaverde said…
HAHA! will tryyy :D i'm scouting some maxi skirts nah!hehe :) sana keri ko!haha
tsaij85 said…
hi i love your style!!! :) your perm looks great on you too!

melai esclamado said…
nice! didn't really notice na same dress lang sila not until you've mentioned!
very clever idea.. ;)
Kaze Agar said…
I love how you styled the maxi dress! At di ko akalaing pwede ding suotin ng baliktad ha! Hehe.
Clever idea indeed. :)

xx, kaze.

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